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Comfy slippers

My Mom loves them. They are very comfortable. They grey is a nice shade as well. Very Happy with my purchase.

onetime and the bear is great quality! Thank

Quick, onetime and the bear is great quality! Thank You

Looks great, not overstuffed, but tickles

It's great, other than the fur is a little tickly. We got another bear slightly bigger for hugging and it does not tickle at all. I doubt a kid would complain about it. 10/10 presentation, 10/10 durability, 8/10 snuggles.

Dog steps!

I got this both as an extra bed for visitors and as "steps" for my older dog to climb onto my usual bed. It works great in both uses. I slept on it one night and was very comfortable, and it retains its shape perfectly as my dog climbs up and down it. Great product and literally 66% cheaper than special foam pet steps. Life hack!

"Carrot & Bunnies" by ZipplyPaws

Our pup just loves the bunnies and carrot haven. She went to them immediately in her pile of toys on Easter morning. I have one to repair after she tried to de-stuff it, but she still looks for it. I'll fix it today so she can have all 3 again as she wants her bunnies reunited.

Cute, tiny, and unique:)

Sooooo cute! Tiny but cute. My daughter loves it because it is cute and unique.

Chuck the others... then BUY THIS!

We seriously could not live without this Chuckit ball. We have one of each of the Chuckit ball designs and this one is BY FAR my dog's favorite. It's the only one I know of that floats but it's also the only one that bounces well. My dog loves to catch them on the bounce and this bounces nice and high. It's outlasted all the other designs so far and we use Chuckit daily. We even use it for hide and seek games. The orange color is highly visible compared to some of their other ball colors like green or blue. We actually had Chuckit float away across the lake. However, thanks to the high visibility we were able to point the rogue Chuckit out to a boater who performed a water rescue. Chuckit was saved!! Yea, we have to give this Chuckit ball all paws up!

GREAT purchase!

These little cars can go!! And when they go and bounce off the wall, they not only don't leave a mark, but they bounce off and keep going. My 1 year old grandson (and his 3 year old sister) love them. No parts to worry about coming off.

so beautiful..

I ordered two of these are different times..they are just totally awesome..sooo soft!!!..

This is one of my baby's favorite toys! She started to play it when she ...

This is one of my baby's favorite toys! She started to play it when she was 3 month old and now she is almost 5m and still loves it! She likes to bite it. So it would be great if the main ring is softer and could serve as a tether.