Adorable Teddy Bear Stuffed Plush Toy White And Red Combined Birthday Valentine's Gift

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It's the perfect size for small children and it's made of very ...

It was a big hit at my niece's birthday party. She just turned three and its all about Elmo at that age. It's the perfect size for small children and it's made of very soft material. It's also great for playtime puppet shows especially if you can do a halfway decent Elmo voice. My only complaint is that it does shed a little so if you have light-colored furniture or carpet you may find small red hairs occasionally. Initially, you'll want to shake it well while inside it's packaging (before opening) to fluff the fur and remove any loose hairs before giving it to your child.

Cute Bear

My daughter loved this Christmas gift. Nice quality. She's happy so Im happy. Its not huge.. Size wise comparable to a build a bear size

Really love the size and the quality of this stuffed animal

Really love the size and the quality of this stuffed animal. My kids love The Very Hungry Caterpillar book and I'm sure they will love this stuffed animal as well (we purchased it as a Christmas gift for our 4 year old).

and I love the sort of corduroy texture on his nose

This bear is so cuddly and cute. You can't quite tell from the picture here but he's got a big pot-belly body shape with floppy arms and legs. He's very soft, and I love the sort of corduroy texture on his nose.

Holds Tablets Perfectly

My wife uses this for her tablet all the time. Perfect for the lap. Could not find anything better. Just as effective sitting on a table. Seems just a bit too large for a Kindle, but just great for the tablet.

Nice Necklace

See video on This is such a beautiful necklace. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived to discover that all of the bear parts actually move.I purchased this for myself because i love jewelry and when i seen this item i simply had to own it .The box that this arrived is very beautiful and actually if you buy this as a gift you are good to go .The necklace is snake style and has a amazing shine to it. Although it doesn't have any stamp on it. The bear is made out of small swarovski elements all in different colors varying from pink,blue,green and white and in the middle you have a bog teardrop dark pink colored stone that has a cute bow on it. The head ,legs, and arms of the teddy bear charm move. The back of the necklace has a extender allowing you to adjust how long or short you would like it to be.

X Large burrow Log with chipmunks - 4 a Doxie

DACHSHUND long haired tweenie. Hours and hours, days and days of fun!!! He grabs that hole just like they do when they tear up a gopher hole in real life. It took forever and many trys before he finally got a rip in the material. And that was in the material, not the reinforced hole, it's still intact. Very very well made. Over and over I put them in and he gets them out. He carries the little critters around and even squeeks them while he's getting belly/body scratches. He fetches the little guys too. He also likes me to put my arm up the hole at the end of the log and fight him for it. LOL It has made all other toys pretty much obsolete, even the other zippy paw ones. This is the ticket for my guy. I will definitely be ordering another when this gets too torn up.

Five Stars

So cute live price and delivery right on time

Fabulous Giant Teddy Bear

I love this bear and gave it to my friend for her 50th birthday. She's a children's book author. She thought it was a hilarious gift. It's about as big as you are, if you sit on the couch with it. Very soft and cuddly all the way through. No weird smells or textures. I felt that the ribbon around the bear's neck was not of the same quality standard as the bear, so I took the opportunity to upgrade the ribbon, and personalize it. Thus, the Birthday Bear could easily be repurposed as the Christmas Bear, or the Easter Bear. Super nice bear; buy with confidence.

BIG brown bear

This was a huge hit with our granddaughter. She asked for a really big bear for Christmas and this was perfect. It's like the size of a person. It's very soft and seems well made, super cute face and feet.