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Five Stars


Verry soft.

Very soft bear and is toddler friendly. not button eyes of nose to come off. Purchased 2 of them. Look they will last.

3 normal sized pillows for like 3 bucks

To be fair I did not read carefully and ended up having to purchase the stuffing for the bear, but other than that its doing well. For my stuffing I went to Walmart and got two $8 body pillows, 3 normal sized pillows for like 3 bucks, and 2 bags of 15oz stuffing. Then i just used some older pillows from around the house to fill the rest. Over all it was less expensive than getting a $200 bear but you do have to put in some work to fill it up.

Five Stars

I love it! Very professional and service!!

Love it

Really comfy and soft.. love it

i love

its soooooooo cute and fuzzy and cuddlabl, i love it

and this was perfect to put at my desk at work

I'm a fan of hedgehogs lately, and this was perfect to put at my desk at work. Medium sized for a stuffed animal of that sort, solidly built; this would probably hold up very well for children.

Five Stars

What's not to love!

Awesome Bear

I bought this bear for my 14 month old granddaughter and she absolutely loves this bear. I bought the pink one at the same time but the brown one is by far her favorite. She hugs him sits between his legs and looks through her little books while watching Mickey Mouse. He is larger than the pink and blue too. What a great purchase you won't be sorry you bought him. She was very sick with a virus and wouldn't play with any of her toys until she saw this bear. They're best friends now.

Plush pink lips!

Great color, plush and pretty, a unique surprise gift for a baby girl's family.