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Great find... no pink :(

My 5 yo with autism loves color crew. These were a delight for his birthday. I only wish they had pink. Pink is his favorite character. I don't think they make Color Crew toys anymore so it was amazing to find this. He loves that they talk too!

very happy with it

This was purchased as a gift and the little boy that received it was very, very happy with it. Teddy is now his "best friend."

Good gift

Bought as a gift, their daughter loved it. Helps make moms pregnancy a little more about the kids they already have, includes them in the process

I bought this adorable bear to give as a gift

I bought this adorable bear to give as a gift, but I had a very difficult time parting with it. It's super soft and cuddly. I love it. The price was terrific, too. I can't wait to hear from the recipient, an adult with a great love for stuffed animals. I'm sure she will love it.


My French bulldog is a biter... Like a little savage biter... And that's me sugar coating it. Anyways, this was very sturdy! Got the bigger size!

4.8 in total

9 for $21 from BabyQ Quality:4.5 Shipping:4.5 Price:5 Amount:5 Cuteness:4.9

Five Stars

Perfect Christmas gift for my guy <3 This little bear is so soft and cuddly!!!

Rubbish. I never thought a sloth, real or ...

*Edit* I am leaving my original review below to show how I felt after unboxing my Cuddlekin Sloth. I was, at first, disgusted and, in my displeased state, named her Smelery (rhymes with celery). But fewer than 48 hours later, I had fallen hopelessly in love with her. My associates had too. Smelery's physical form may suggest aggressive radiation therapy or asbestos poisoning but her demeanor is ultimately casual: very real, equally enchanting. I dare you to find another plush like this. *Original* Rubbish. I never thought a sloth, real or stuffed, could be so charmless. The dismal polyblend 'fur' begins to fall out immediately and the construction lacks heft. I advise all but diehard sloth fans to steer clear of this insult to the genus Bradypus.

Soft and comfy

These are so soft and comfy. They run a tad small. I wear a 7.5 size shoe and these just fit. If you're a size 8, I'd go up a size. The foam is great and doesn't get packed down easily. And the harder so,e is wonderful if you ever wear your slippers outside.

Four Stars

This made a great gift