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I tried a different color and I LOVE IT!!!!

I love this product! It's a little more liquidy at first than most of the other matte liquid lipsticks that I have tried, but once it dries it's matte! I love the color! Pair it with a dark eye and omg! YASSSSS! It also goes on as a beige almost tan color and turns more rosy as you wear it. You can also layer it to make it more nude than rose. I wore it yesterday and got tons of compliments! The tube itself is nice. It's matte and you can see the color almost glow from the inside. The only negative thing I could possibly think of, is that the applicator wand is very rigid, it doesn't flex or have any give at all. It sort of helps because it's so liquid when it goes on. I don't use a lip liner. You could easily use a lip brush by wiping the applicator along the inner lip of the container and then picking it up with your brush (instead of using your hand). It also holds up through eating. I reapplied because the rosiest color is very close to my natural lip color.

Great for homeschool!

I was nervous the red and orange would be too similar as per other reviews, but I thought the difference was perfect! These are great and come in a clear plastic bin with resealable lid for easy storage which I LOVE. Planning on using these for homeschooling my 3 older kids, 18 months, 4 years, and 5 years. Great for color sorting, counting, patterning, and sensory bins. Super duper excited!

Love Stand for iPad

It is very nice and love having the pocket on the back for my glasses. I do wish the little tabs to hold my iPad in place were raised a little higher. Thank you,

good luck

I spent lot of time to choose product for school prize, good luck to buy them.

loved them the are perfect

Very good quality

A great nightlight, but could be improved...

This is great for what it is, but there are 2 improvements I would have been willing to pay a little extra for. 1) Selectable duration - this stays on for approximately 45 minutes. Given that it runs on batteries, it would be nice to have the ability to have it shut off after 15 and 30 minutes, in addition to 45. My daughter is asleep after about 10 minutes so a shorter duration would certainly lead to improved battery life. 2) Ability to plug in to the wall - We've been through 2 sets of batteries so far, and she's had it for about 2 weeks. I ended up buying a decent battery charger and rechargeable AAA batteries. Overall it's great for what it is, and now my son wants one as well! *** Update 3/17/13: The battery life on this item is much much better than I first experienced. I'm not sure why the first couple of sets did not last, but always using fresh batteries (and now rechargeable ones) we are seeing much longer times between battery swaps. My daughter still loves it!

Kids Preferred Winnie-the Pooh is an Excellent Baby Shower Gift!

This is a beautiful, soft and cuddly Pooh stuffed toy. My mother spotted this and had me order it for her great-granddaughter who will be born next month. It is about nine inches tall and feels so lush. It is adorable. When the mom-to-be opened the present at the shower and took this out she hugged it right away. That's the kind of reaction we like to get when a gift is given. It has a round hard ball in it's center. This is actually a baby rattle. Absolutely love it!! I'm sure this will be one favored huggy.

All my dog wants to do is save squirrels.

My pomeranian is in love with this toy. She will spend 10-15 minutes trying to dig out the squirrels. Once they're all out she will prance around the house with one in her mouth. Jokes on her though because I steal the squirrels back and put them back in the log where they belong! Great way to keep the dog occupied.

Best first teddy bear!!

This is the cutest teddy bear. I purchased it for my grand daughter. Every child should have a "first" teddy bear. This one is simple which I love and more like the old style teddy bears. Plus he's skinny. The neck is very small and so easy for a child to grip and drag around. He is very soft and squishy but has some type of beads in the butt which gives enough weight for him to sit up on a dresser or shelf as long as he is leaning on the wall. I just love him & I know my grand daughter will as soon as she is old enough to play with him.

This is a great buy!

My five year old daughter has autism and is non verbal