Back Firm Support Lumbar Pillow Multifunction Design Lower Back Support Spine Pain Relief Cushion For Bedroom And Healthy Posture King, Queen And Other Sizes For Single Or Twin Beds

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I haven't given this to my daughter yet because it is for her 5th birthday next month but I tried it out. It casts so many stars onto the ceiling. It actually surprised me that it covered the whole ceiling of my bedroom (my bedroom is pretty big). I guess I just imagined it would project enough to cover a small section of the ceiling. My 2 year old son was in the room when I tested it out and he was amazed by all the stars as well. He was mad when I had to put it away. Guess he's getting a turtle version of this for Christmas. The ladybug is also adorable. I saw that some of the customer pictures featured one with closed eyes but in the main picture her eyes were open. Mine arrived with her eyes open and I was pretty pleased about that. I think she's cuter that way. Anyway, I think my daughter is going to love it. If not, I'm giving it to my son. :)

Very nice. I gave this to a child who is ...

Very nice. I gave this to a child who is very happy.

Five Stars

Absolutely adorableand so soft! I use it to hold sleeping babies.

Really cute!

Really cute!

Great gift for teddy bear lovers

My wife bought this as a gift for one of her students; he was thrilled with it. The price was exceptionally good.

Great doll, great detail.

Very cute doll, perfect for my 4 year old who doesn't really "play" barbies yet. I have a bunch of naked barbies laying around the house but with these dolls, the clothes are attached so Sofia stays fully clothed. The dolls are made beautifully and have great detail. We currently have Anna and Elsa, Sofia and Amber and the brave doll, (she has the cutest hair of them all).

Works well.

Works very well at both viewing angles for both vertical and horizontal viewing. Appears relatively well constructed, with not problems yet with the potential weak spot at the corner near the power switch.

Almost every other toy like this he gets to the squeaky before the end ...

Dog loves it and you cannot go wrong with a Kong toy. Now I don't know if bigger dogs would rip into this, but we have a pomeranian and he loves these toys. Almost every other toy like this he gets to the squeaky before the end of the day. Kong soft toys he has yet to rip apart one yet. So 5 for this just to see him enjoying the toy.

Absolutely the best toy for heavy, aggressive chewers.

I now own all of the goDog with chew guard in duplicate. This is the first stuffed dog toy that my very heavy chewer has not completely destroyed in less than 5 minutes. She enjoys these and carries them around. She does "desqueak" them on occasion but the remainder of the toy stays intact. I have purchased these for our newest grand puppy as well, she adores them. I will continue to purchase any goDog product in the future and will certainly be giving them away to all my rescued grand puppies for Christmas. 2 Thumbs up.

Five Stars

good song.