Back Positioning Wedge Pillow Office Waist Pillow Three-dimensional Triangular Cushion

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Five Stars

No problem

Four years. Two dogs. One indestructible toy. Great gift.

With almost a thousand reviews posted for this dog toy, the only NEW thing to be said is how it worked for my dogs. GREAT. IT WAS GREAT. During four years IT WAS ALWAYS GREAT. Both dogs were flat-coated retrievers. * One had a very soft mouth--she could play with a fine leather shoe for an hour with no damage. She must have enjoyed this Triceratops for well over one hundred hours. It still looked mostly new. * The other dog was more destructive. Flip flops lasted mere minutes once he got down to business. And still this Triceratops looked mostly new. * The Kevlar was tested hard in some pulling contests. Again, no damage! Sadly, both dogs crossed the rainbow bridge this year. This indestructible Triceratops awaits more torture tests in the future. Pictured with goDog Dragon With Chew Guard Technology Tough Plush Dog Toy, Lime, Large . Also indestructible.

Love it! It came wrapped in plastic

Love it ! It came wrapped in plastic, just beautiful and so soft! I gave it as a gift for a new mom who just had a baby boy! I will buy some more. B Moriarty

Comfortable seat belt cover

Excellent. Stops the seat belt from rubbing my neck and it isn't hot like lambs wool. Good quality

Very Nice Plush Toy

This is a very nice sized Hank. Material is soft, and it is like a plush animal you might find in a high end card or gift shop.

my daughter wants to be an astronaut and she loved this! It's a perfect size

This is so cute! my daughter wants to be an astronaut and she loved this! It's a perfect size, not too small or big and stuffed just right. This is a must have for any little astronaut!

Love it!

So cute! So soft! My daughter loves carrying her loaf of bread around the house!




So comfortable and so plush! I got it for my side of our king size bed and its made my nights like a dream!!!!

Soft and durable in my experience. Looks well made ...

Soft and durable in my experience. Looks well made and has lasted me over a year with no problems at all.