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The Seat of a Great Evening

Our town features a marvelous amphitheater, at which we watch many "wonderfun" performances every year- but our reserved seats are kinda hard, and lately I've had a hard time lasting thru til the end of a show. This Elephix pad has come to my rescue ... and I've been kickin' myself for letting myself be miserable for no good reason. The zippered cloth cover and its soft, soft contents are just the right combination. So GLAD I got it!

Five Stars

A whimsical stuffed loaf which can be thrown about like a football or placed somewhere to encourage spontaneous smiling.

Five Stars

So adorable! Great quality.

yup. it's like the picture.

it looks like the picture. it also creeped out everyone who saw it. It's very soft and works well.

Five Stars

My son loves it

Doesn't fit my iPod 5

I bought this for the iPod 5 and it kept falling out due to the excess space. Now, the 2 reasons why I'm giving this 4 stars is because: 1. The case is adorable and 2. Although it didn't fit my iPod, my LG Realm phone fits perfectly minus the headphone jack.

amazing toy, quality could be better.

Great dog toy. This is the first 'interactive' dog toy I have purchased. My only complaint is that the three little squirrels were not durable and my dog had them unstuffed immediately. I would have paid a bit more for the little toys to be of higher quality material. Otherwise I think this toy is a brilliant idea and my dog loves it.


Quality item. "Beans" are located in the rump of the character, so they remain standing upright easily. Max is just slightly shorter than the accompanying sister doll, Ruby. Perfection!

Five Stars

Was purchased as a gift

Good quality

These were shipped so promptly, great customer service. The rattles are soft and adorable.