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Five Stars

I use the "hazy" color for my eyebrows, too.

It's adorable but it's a lot smaller than I thought it ...

It's adorable but it's a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Apparently I didn't look at the dimensions when I bought it. But, honestly, that wouldn't have stopped me from buying it. It's cute as can be!

Sturdy and well made

Pros + Well made. Really is standing up to an aggressive chewer / teething puppy. My 7 pound chorkie puppy loves this dinosaur. She drags it around, does that shaking ripping thing with her head all crazy, chews on the tags, etc. She has yet to pop any seams or make any holes. Cons none so far Overall I would recommend this item and might get some of the other styles to trade them out for variety. I did not received any discount on this product in exchange for my honest review. I have been an active Amazon user for ten+ years and have always looked at reviews like a friend's opinion before purchasing. Even with a discount I still only give my honest feedback with any pros or cons and the price I paid does not sway my opinion.

Great for the price!

This Pikachu is adorable, I saw the same one for more in the mall, this one was worth the price as it was much cheaper. It is much bigger then my hand but not big like a standard teddy bear, compared to a puffs tissue box it's close to that size, it's not super plush like a teddy bear but still nice and soft, tags came on it, it'll fit nicely in my son's stocking.

Great gift for Minecraft kids

This was a gift for my granddaughter. She loves it.

Five Stars

Great toy for my nephew!

Has the Bulldog Seal of Approval

Great product. I have two of these - one to keep in the laundry room where my dogs sleep at night and one to keep in the living area of the house. is aesthetically pleasing and looks fine in our living area. The bottom is basically slide proof (it still moves around a bit if my dogs jump on or over it), but if they are getting on it to lie down, it doesn't move. The top is nice and plush, too. The interior is made of egg crate foam. My bulldog has a bad knee and he positively loves these beds. He's able to get up and down with ease and he loves to stretch out and have a bulldog snooze. The cover comes off and is washable. You have to be a bit creative to get the foam back inside the cover. I've found the best way to put it back together is to fold the foam in half and slowly work it back in. I'm giving this 4 stars instead of 5, because the non-slip cover on the bottom of one of the beds is starting to come apart and I have little holes in the backing. It's black and makes a bit of a mess on the floor. But, it's on the bottom and I'll keep this bed for as long as I can before I have to buy another. That said, the other bed is fine with no backing coming off. Who knows? The dogs don't care and they love it. I'd highly recommend it.

Girlfriend will love it

I bought this bear for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day and it arrived sooner than expected to my delight. She loved it and has bragged to her friends about it. If you buy this, be sure you realize that a 6.5ft bear is massive and she will need a place to put it

These are absolutely adorable! I was a little leery about ordering them ...

These are absolutely adorable! I was a little leery about ordering them because of some of reviews saying there were manufacturing/assembling errors with weird looking dogs and because I've ordered a similar product from another company that had those exact same errors. However each dog was perfect-eyes where they belonged, ears symmetrical, etc. I bought them to give out as year-end prizes for our church youth. So, so cute!

Five Stars

Exactly as the picture