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Very Sweet.

Got this recordable bear for my little nephew who has CHD. He spends a lot of time in the hospital so his mom is able to record a message on the bear for him to hear. Very Sweet.

Buy this one!

Best gift ever. High quality and looked just like the picture. I checked out quite a few different vendors and so glad I went with this one.

Five Stars

Very cute and comfortable. Like it's face;)))))) it's really liked my husband's face. hoh....

Five Stars

My grandson loves this.

i'm happy.

I got these for a toddler booster convertible seat, which i've lost the belt pads to. The uncovered belts would sometime rub my girl's lower neck raw by the time we get home from daycare. My girl actually noticed and commented these organic straps how silky comfy smooth the material is. Seems totally washable. Serves its purpose and i'm happy.

It's a nice pillow overall but I took 1 star off because ...

It took a bit to arrive but I was aware of that before hand. It's a nice pillow overall but I took 1 star off because my son manage to ruine the embroidery (one eye) the very first day. It seems that threads are not as tight as in other pillows (I also have the red "anger" one).

My girlfriend loves it!

She absolutely loves the bear and it met all of her expectations! Would recommend this to anyone for their children or significant other it was well worth the money.

Perfect Pikachu for Pokefan Daughter

We bought this for our daughter, who has developed a Pokemon addiction of late. Of course, as GameFreak intended, Pikachu is her favorite. We purchased this one on account of the reviews and the pricing. $11.95 for a new (2016) version of Pikachu from the newest anime is not a bad price. The product is sturdy, the seams appear to be well done and our daughter LOVES it. Immediately upon opening the package she took Pikachu to watch an episode of Pokemon. Would definitely purchase again and recommend to others.

Apparently it's his most prized possession

We've only had this a few days and so far, the dog seems to love it. So much so that he carries it EVERYWHERE with him in the house. I seriously think he'd take it out with him to potty if I let him. When we first took it out of the box I noticed how amazingly soft and silky it was, and was ready for the dog to start chewing and ripping it to shreds, as he's done with every toy we've given him. But with this one, all he does with it is gently nibble, nuzzle, massage, and carry it around. And here I bought the stuffingless kind to avoid having stuffing to pick up, only to find he's not even interested in tearing it apart. Who knew?

Cute CG

I got the the 16" CG my 9 month old loves it. Its soft very cute. If your little one CG I recommend getting this.