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Our dog loves this toy! Chew Guard doesn't prevent our dog from removing comb and head.

This is our second goDog Fat Rooster. Our dog loves this toy. It has 8 squeakers and she loves each and every one. The feet, wings, head, and body have squeakers. It's hard for her to grab it anywhere and not have it make a sound. This is a chew guard toy. We have several. Our experience is that they are not indestructible. In fact, our first rooster is in the sewing pile waiting to have his head sewn back on. Chew guard toys are definitely more rugged to other dog toys, but every single one we have gotten succumbs in pretty short order to our dog's attacks. She generally chews off heads, feet, and any "hair" sticking out of the toy. I think this is expected damage from a stuffed, soft toy. The chew guard toys do last, but they will get damage from an average chewer. They are easily repaired. We've run these toys through the washer and dryer several times without damage.

Who Wouldn't Love A Snuffy Doll?

Purchased this for my granddaughter before she was born. Seems odd that I would, but there was an inside joke with my family that her parents kept it a secret what her name was going to be until she was born so the place holder name was Snuffleupagus. Well, what started out as a "gag gift" ending being an advantageous purchase because after my granddaughter was born, she ended up loving it. I is a perfect size for hugging and is very soft to the touch!! Even though the recommended ages are 2 and over, we used our judgement to give it to her and monitor her with it and there were no problems. Use your own judgement and of course never put it (or any other doll) in the crib while the baby sleeps.. Regardless, I recommend this purchase! Who knows, maybe she'll be getting a Big Bird Plush next? :)

Five Stars


Five Stars

Super cute toy. My son is crazy for it.

Long lasting plush toy

Like Marvin the Moose and his predecessors, I'm sure Rosie the Rhino will eventually end up as a giant pile of stuffing in my backyard sooner or later, but as for now, she is fighting the good fight and surviving my two dogs. The squeaker in these Kong Cozies is harder to squeak and it's not a very 'good' squeak, which honestly probably helps my case because the dogs are less motivated to shred her apart and get the coveted squeaker out to chew up. I'm happy with how the Kong Cozies have held up in terms of being a plush toy, and will buy another when this one is inevitably destroyed.

Five Stars

Kids loved it!

good collectible

super cute plush that is cool for any fan to collect. arrived quick and seems well constructed.

Five Stars

Good for my daughter. She has 3 years old and enjoyed to learnwith this bear.

Five Stars

Just as described

Holding up amazingly well

We have four dogs ranging from 10 pounds to 85. It's hard to find toys that last long around here with all the tug-of-war, chewing, and occasional hyper spurt where they feel the need to "kill it." I purchased two of these, figuring we've been through about every toy out there with varying degrees of success. Glad I did. Both have held up very well. So far, after about a month, both are still in-tact with not even a single hole. Purchased two other toys at the same time - one is dead (after only 2 hours) and the other is half empty of filling. I find it absolutely amazing in this house when something lasts a week, but a whole month? Miracle. Will definitely purchase again.