Back Support For Bedback Or Bedside Reading Wedge Pillows Nursing Full Back Pillow Cotton Fabric White And Red Mixed

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My daughter loved this bear when she was a little girl

My daughter loved this bear when she was a little girl. She is soon to have her own daughter. I bought Gund for my granddaughter.


Loooove Ordered the Grey, which is actually more of a mauve. Was really happy about that as I was hoping it would be. It is close to the O.P.I color "You don't know Jacques!" See side by side pic of pillow next to dark grey blanket. Anyway, soon soft and fuzzy. These are great! The back side of pillow is true grey though.


This is the perfect gift, in my opinion. It can be a throw-pillow or one that can be thrown around and will still be in tact! Also perfect for iPhone lovers! I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he LOVED (STILL LOVES) it!! The material is GREAT. He sleeps with it every night and the seams have yet to come apart and it does not look like it will be coming apart any time soon! I love it. He loves it. His sister loves it. It is super soft and is a great size!! I will order again! My boyfriend is 18, his sister is 12. It is great for any gender and for any age. It is very well-stuffed. Very plushy. I apologize for the terrible picture of it. It looks beautiful in person. Bright yellow, bright red, and a nice brown for the mouth. This picture nor the picture here on Amazon does the pillow justice. True to the emoji.

Our Guy LOVES this! A Complete WIN!

Our cocker/shitzu mix *loves* these little guys! They are just the right size (each) to carry around, and he loves it when I put all 3 inside the house, and toss the whole thing down the hall for him. He runs down and grabs it, then carries the whole thing around the house in his mouth. When he grows tired of that, he lays down and spends time working each hedgehog out of the house. A complete win in our household!

It's perfect for what it is intended for

It's perfect for what it is intended for! Records and stores the recording inside in a secure pocket with velcro. The bear itself is really cute and huggable! I used it for recording of my yet unborn baby's heartbeat. It does the job!

Sweet Doll

This was a gift for a one year old. The dress is extremely soft and there are a variety of textures incorporated within the doll, all perfect for a small child as a cuddle toy. Also, this doll does not have any small pieces that can pop out and create a choking hazard.

bought for my girl

She loves this cute face doll very much. Thanks.

Very good mat

I purchased this mat for my nearly 4yo son to use at pre-school. He loves the dinosaur print and is able to roll it up on his own. I will be taking the other reviewers advice and sewing the blanket batting in place before we wash it the first time. My only complaint is that it isn't quite long enough for him. He is tall for his age so he has to bend his legs in order to stay under the blanket. If you have a tall child, you may want to consider that. He naturally sleeps in that position so I don't foresee it being too big of a problem this year, but we'll likely need to find something different before he starts kindergarten.

Cushion that has cushioning in it!

"Very high cushion. You need to make sure your chair goes to the lowest position if you are short. I'm 5' 8' and my legs are at a slight slant now. However it is comfortably and fits the chair great. The belt is easy to hook. All and all it got the job done.".

Five Stars

Very nice