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All my dog wants to do is save squirrels.

My pomeranian is in love with this toy. She will spend 10-15 minutes trying to dig out the squirrels. Once they're all out she will prance around the house with one in her mouth. Jokes on her though because I steal the squirrels back and put them back in the log where they belong! Great way to keep the dog occupied.

Best first teddy bear!!

This is the cutest teddy bear. I purchased it for my grand daughter. Every child should have a "first" teddy bear. This one is simple which I love and more like the old style teddy bears. Plus he's skinny. The neck is very small and so easy for a child to grip and drag around. He is very soft and squishy but has some type of beads in the butt which gives enough weight for him to sit up on a dresser or shelf as long as he is leaning on the wall. I just love him & I know my grand daughter will as soon as she is old enough to play with him.

This is a great buy!

My five year old daughter has autism and is non verbal

My Daughter Loves George!

My 15-month old daughter absolutely LOVES Curious George! My husband and I wanted to get her a stuffed animal of George to play with since we don't let her watch a lot of tv. After ordering a different Curious George stuffed animal, and being greatly disappointed, I came across Gund's 12" Plush Curious George and decided to give this one a try since Gund is known for quality products. From the moment we opened the box, we knew we had the perfect Curious George for our little girl! Right away we noticed how sturdy the workmanship was and the size was perfect! Our little girl is very happy with her new friend, and we have no complaints! Well done, Gund!

Great quality, but a little hot

This nap mat is made well. I bought it for spring break camp for my 2.5-year-old and she loves it. The only problem is that it made her sweat a lot while she was sleeping. I think she's a little on the warm side anyway and we are in South Florida, but the teachers had to change her shirt everyday after her nap because it was soaked through. I don't know if this is because the material is thick and padded or if it's not very breathable, but she doesn't have this problem at home in her her crib with a blanket. Plus, I keep it warmer in my home (around 78-80 degrees) than they do in the school. She only used it for five days and I washed it once (I removed the pillow), but I'm planning on using it for trips and future camps until she grows out of it. Anyway, with that said, I would buy it again and recommend it to others, but maybe just dress my child in lighter clothes (or always bring an extra shirt).

It's a bit smaller than I thought it would be but nice.

Very cute bear, my daughter loves it! Just what she wanted. It's a bit smaller than I thought it would be but nice.

Great present to give to your love ones!

My girlfriend received this bear and sent me the picture of its size and nearly dropped my phone laughing since the bear nearly took all of her twin sized bed length! She loves it and i love her smile it brings her everyday now when she gets home seeing it! Best money spent and amazing quality this bear is made of!

Be a hit with your grandchildren with this purchase!

My granddaughter picked this out as her top request for Christmas. I admit I was hesitant to order online because some stuffed animals are stiff or scratchy to the touch, and you can't know that from looking at a picture. I took a leap of faith and ordered. She and I were both blown away for different reasons; she couldn't be separated from her bear the entire day we exchanged gifts, and I couldn't keep my eyes off the two of them rolling on the floor and cuddling. By the way, she's eleven! A tough age to please. Thanks so much for making a stuffed animal of such exceptional quality. His expression is priceless. I had him strapped in with a seatbelt in the back seat for our trip. You should have seen the looks I got on the highway.

He's a softy

It's bigger than I thought. And it's supersoft and it feels good. It's what you want in a pillow:). This guy won't you use a 1up if it hits you.

Four Stars