Bed Reading Wedge Decorative Back Support Cushion Triangular Pillow For Bed, Couch Or Floor 100% Cotton Shell Wedge Pillow Decor Design

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Soft and Cute

Bought this as a secret Santa gift because it looks just like Arya's direwolf Nymeria from Game of Thrones, and I didn't want to pay $20+ for their licensed ones. It was soft and cute. I had to keep my son from stealing it for his collection.

Love the tea green color

These microfiber chair pads are well plush and the sizing and color are perfect for my dining room chairs.

Five Stars

lots of fun with this little feller. Makes folks laugh.

Wonderful frog, soft and flopsey

This frog is so cute and very soft.. Great quality for the price..

Best blocks for babies as young as 3 months and older

I am very picky and wary of baby toys because so many are expensive and don't live up to their promise. But I have fallen in love these blocks and think they give a ton of value for the price. Here's why: 1. They are ideal for tummy time even before babies are really crawling or grasping well. The bright colors definitely grab attention and encourage little ones to hold up their heads, wiggle, reach for the blocks, etc. They do tend to gaze at these a fairly long time compared to many other toys - including those other toys which cost far more. Yes, I AM grumpy about shelling out money for toys which just sit there, seemingly chuckling at me for buying them. 2. They offer just the right amount of textures and sounds to maintain interest - but not so many that babies are overwhelmed. There are some jingling bell sounds in two blocks and other blocks are crinkly. I like this. Some toys are so loud and have so many options that babies that can get over stimulated. Over stimulation leads to fussiness, crying, and other unpleasant things. 3. The bells (actually jingling bell sounds in two blocks) and crinkling sounds are not annoying to adults - yet are entertaining enough that babies enjoy picking up the blocks to shake and squeeze. 4. Very portable, take up little space. Easily wiped clean. Practical for parents, grandparents, etc. 5. While they are easily stacked by babies old enough to start putting objects on top of each other, they are also soft, soft, soft. Perfect combination of holding their block shape while still being squishy enough for babies to handle. In short, there is some "give" to them without any risk they'll lose their shape. 6. No damage to furniture or walls if young ones throw these -and of course they will. That is part of the fun! 7. Loops on these make them easy to attach to stroller or car seat toy clips. They do NOT have their own clips, just the loops, but they work fine with the clips I use.

Excellent quality for the money.

Excellent quality. We have a whole collection of Gund animals. Have been collecting them since our daughter was born 32 years. All remain in wonderful condition. We look for the Gund label.

Soft and cuddly

Adorable, soft and cuddly. Bought for my son 4 year olds birthday gift and he loves it.

Love these.

Every year we do a themed Christmas tree for childrens hospital. The decorations we select are something the kids can pick from the tree. This year is Teddy Bears. These have been a huge success. They're soft and cuddly and all my grandkids have requested on for their own and the youngest is 14 years old. Love these.


I LOVE IT ..!!!!❤

Five Stars

Love have this in my backyard. Great new addition.