Bed Reading Wedge Pillow Headboard Cushion Triangular King Queen And Other Sizes For Single And Double Bed 100% Cotton Fabric White Yellow Striped

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Wow! He gives hugs!!

This bear is so cute, soft, and cuddly. He has long arms that can 'wrap' around you so the hug is mutual. :) The tag on him was from so I assume he can be laundered in a bag which is great. I also use him to place over my ears and eyes in the morning when the sun (or kids) are up but I need a bit more shut eye. Philbin is great. I recommend him to anyone who loves teddy bears.

I like this headset

I like this headset, I had a Kracken headset from Razer and it was really tough to choose between this one and another Kracken. This one works really good, the sound is great, and I love the wireless part. However, the headset will sometimes glitch out and when you listen to something, it'll sound, I guess like an echo? You have to turn it off and back on again to fix it. It's not a huge issue but, it is kind of annoying. Other than that, it's a fantastic headset.

Totally worth it

Arrived earlier than expected and was very happy with it. Huge and heavy! Love 'em!!!

Great for grandson

Expecting a new grandson in a few months, I sent my son and his wife this cute bear.




It's very cute and well made but make sure you know that this is a miniature fox! I wasn't paying enough attention and was not expecting him to be so little. 8" from nose to tail tip.

Good Quality

Much larger than expected, super soft, and sturdy. Pleasantly surprised at the quality, considering the price.

Fantastic teddy bear

This bear is as awesome as it gets! He's very soft and will sit up if you want to leave him on a shelf. He is squishy enough to be super huggable while being substantial enough to be a really high quality bear. I love how his bottom feet have cute pads on them and his face is very sweet. I also really like the texture of his fur. Highly reccomend!

Comfortable and cushy

I normally buy Dearfoam slippers, but I wanted to try something new. These slippers caught my eye, so I bought a pair (large, for size 9-10). I'm a 9 1/2, and these slippers are the perfect size for my feet. There's enough room for my thickest socks, but my feet aren't sliding out when in slimmer socks (or even barefoot). I bought three more pairs you have on hand when they wear out.

Five Stars

It works as expected