Bed Rest Pillow Lumbar Or Spine Relax Wedge Back Support Pillow In Triangle Reading Wedge With Cotton Shell & Soft Fiber Filler

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was happy to find

remember this growing up and wanted it in a cd form. hunted high and low for this songs are wonderful

Five Stars

The cutest little chewbacca (or however u spell it)! Lol... Very furry! Worth the price!

Fun and Safe

I love these cars! They're light and aren't going to hurt much when thrown by an exuberant 15 month old, but their wheels are powerful and really catapult the cars across the entire room, much to the delight of said 15 month old.

So very soft for cuddling

For my 1st grand baby, a boy! His father had one now he will have one! Amazingly so very soft

Great chicken

What can I say about a stuffed animal that actually looks like the real thing? This cutie is soft and a perfect size to keep company on the sofa with the owl. My only stuffed animals, honest! My name says it all: this is what every princess should have.

Roomy tray, but slippery—needs suede finish or a lip

3.5*, really. Pretty useful "desk," but puts the iPad a little far from the distance my glasses like. Color is more turquoise than blue, but still nice. Unfortunately, my sheddy cat sat on it while it was upside down, so it got pretty hairy. Wish I could throw it in the dryer on air-fluff, as I do with cat-sat clothing, but that ain't gonna work in this case, lol.

Five Stars

It arrived as cute as it looks and it came in two days! My daughter loves this bunny :)

Awsome little stuffed toy

My 5 year old loves his Mario. He loves it.

End result: My kids loved them!

Love these! I bought two of these to give to my sons at the hospital when my daughter was born. Pros: Just ADORABLE. Soft and cuddly. Good price. Shirt is removable if needed. Cons: Wish they were a little larger.

Great Bear

LOVE the is super soft and machine washable!!