Bed Wedge Cushion Body Wedge Pillow Back Support Cushion

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Five Stars

Great companion tot he various Hungry Caterpillar books



Nap Time!

Put my couch pillows inside these soft, fuzzy pillow covers for a nice rich new look. Ordered several & multiple colors and sizes. They require a little maintenance - brushing, fluffing, shaking - like having a new furry pet.

Five Stars

My son loves these rattles. He tries to eat the ears. Lol

Quality construction, super soft!

I bought this for my 1 year old and it is super cute and soft! I love it! Quality construction and material. Perfect for pairing with the book, or a VHC themed party, like we had!

This is the softest, most cuddly stuff animal ever!

I bought this for my daughter you entered college this year. She loves it! Besides being so soft and life size, the quality is top notch. She has had many stuffed animals through life but this is the best. You almost want to call it something other than a stuffed animal because it is so superior! Well worth the money.

Five Stars

So cute and well made.

Very cute and realistic toy. I always wanted a ...

Very cute and realistic toy. I always wanted a hedgehog but this will have to do as a replacement.

Four Stars

It was smaller than I anticipated but very soft good quality.

A most beloved princess

Was so happy to find this in this size. The first Sofia had succumbed to injuries inflicted by the octopus. The second Sofia was a large pillow style doll and she lived happily for a long time until Dr. Hopper (a Moluccan cockatoo) decided she needed eye surgery and she never recovered, spilling stuffing that the Dr then threw at his assistants (a pomeranian, a chihuahua x rat terrier, and a Shiba Inu x Great Dane) who gave me fears they would ingest it. Thank goodness there's a new Sofia in town, but the octopus has had his tentacles on her already!