Bed Wedge Cushion Soft Cotton Fabric Bedding Essentials Lumbar Cushion Back Support For Bed Reading TV Watching Backrest Cushion

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Five Stars


Five Stars


Five Stars

Kids love it

So squishy!

Perfect stuffed toy for babies. Also good to deal with those cannibalistic tendencies of small children

Just the right amount of cushion

Exactly what I was looking for... just the right amount of cushion... 2+" to provide a comfortable lounging and sleeping mat we use in our puppy's crate. Others have been too thin. Any this one is soft and plush to boot! Only comment is filling does clump up and shift when washed but washes easily and air dries quickly. Requires some pushing and pulling to manipulate filling back into quilted pockets to avoid "flat" areas. If stitched a bit more this could be avoided.

it's a poop that's not crap!

I'm not sure what other poop emoji pillows are like but this one is great. The fabric is plush and brown and it's a very happy looking poop. The size given seems pretty accurate (about a foot on each side). It seems as though there's several poop emojis available on amazon but this one seems to be the cheapest and it's pretty good quality. Don't pay too much for your happy poop, this one is just fine!

Five Stars

Cute, Thankyou so much for shipping to us!

I highly recommend this.

OMG this is the cutest, softest pink elephant. Her ears are nice and floppy. She sits up nicely and so adorable. Her eyes are nicely attached plastic that I don't think would come off. So nice for kiddos. I just may keep her myself and order another one for the baby gift she was planned for.

Soft and upbeat

This little doll is so cute and entertaining! It is soft and light enough for my 4 month old twins to hold and even lift and the colors it is dressed in are pleasantly bright. Its little voice is very friendly and upbeat and the sounds and lights that it provides are fun for babies and parents both. I definitely recommend it for babies that are just starting to become interested in lights, sound and touch- the speech/sound only lasts for about 30 seconds or less which seems to be just enough stimulation for a young infant.

Five Stars

Looks very nice! Arrived very quickly!