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Great present

Soft plush teddy that was perfect for giving as a gift.

Five Stars

Addie Bea (2 years old) loves this stuffed tiger!!

She is a huge Narwhal fan and this was perfect.

My daughter loves it. She is a huge Narwhal fan and this was perfect.

Adopt a Dragon

The Dragon Rescue Kit was a big hit with my grandson. He adopted Drag to go with the other Dragon he had, now they are brothers. Two is better than one. It is a nice little play toy of good quality and great use of children's imagination at play.

Didn't give me diarrhea!

Didn't give me diarrhea!

Five Stars

It's was nice but I thought it would be a little bigger than it looks.

Great quality. Makes me laugh every time I see ...

Great quality. Makes me laugh every time I see it. Reminds me to be goofy and that nobody is perfect :)

Love it!

I bought this for my daughter and I am very pleased with the product. It is a little smaller than I expected, but that's my fault for not reading the size dimensions listed. It's really soft and it looks just like the picture. I knew it would take a while to arrive, up to 6 weeks since it comes from China, but it came after 3 1/2 weeks. Would definitely recommend and will probably be ordering more.

Softest of soft

Bought for a baby shower gift and I loved it so much that I bought another for the next baby shower I had to attend

Best Ball, Best Toy Ever! Dear Watson's Favorite!

Dear Watson is A 92 lb, lab, golden retriever cross. He is very discriminating about his toys and balls in particular. He prefers the ultra ball, based on mouth feel. He does not like the larger balls. The ultra ball is made of some sort rubber, with a bit of a nubby texture. It is more aerodynamic than felt tennis balls (the same size) and goes further when thrown with the chuck it ball thrower thingy. Dear Watson just goes nuts, when we get this duo out. He rears and spins repeatly, so as not to miss the direction of the throw. These balls last a long time. (He is not allowed to chew on them, they are put away, when it is not play time) Occasionally they do get a bit waterlogged, from tooth punctures. The look on Dear Watson's face when he sees "ball" has been included. We use this ball on the headlands, in the ocean and rivers. It is tough and easy for Dear Watson to see. Washes clean, after use. Does not collect dirt and sand like felt balls.