Big Light Brown Teddy Bear Soft Large Plush, Wears Removable T-shirt And Plaid Bow Tie

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Very well made Soft Plush material.

Bought the Daisy with the Donald.Very well made Soft Plush material.Now 5 yr old god daughter can carry around all her favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse charactors !

Mr. Slumbers gets 2 thumbs up!!!

This little guy made my day!!! Coming home from a long day and finding him on my doorstep was awesome!! He is absolutely adorable!! Of course I had to brush him out a bit as he was stuffed inside a plastic bag, but I love him to pieces!!!

Great for traveling or everyday use

This product so far is amazing. Love the look and size. With the bass hit a little harder but other than that a solid pair of headphones.

Four Stars


sweet slinky dog

Slinky is one of my daughters favorite characters and she loves this one.

Five Stars

not as big and stoff like the picture, but is ok

Very beautiful cover! It really loved it and was really ...

Very beautiful cover! It really loved it and was really impressed with the quality. These do not look cheap AT ALL. The blush pink was gorgeous but it didn't quite look right with my decor so I returned it, but I am planning to try out a different color because the look and quality was GREAT. Would totally recommend!

Five Stars

very cute and soft teddy!

Purchased the DJ style for my teenager as a Christmas ...

Purchased the DJ style for my teenager as a Christmas present. He wears them everyday! And by everyday, I mean everyday. He loves them! 17 year old approved!

This Bear Makes the Perfect Gift for a New Baby!

I'm currently visiting my ten-week-old nephew and his parents and I wanted to bring a cute present to give him when I first saw him. My sister (his mother) loves bears and said he could use another one when I asked her for ideas. My mom had gotten these Gund bears in a smaller size for my twins several years ago so I already knew the quality and look. When I saw this adorable bear, I knew it would be perfect for him! This Gund bear is absolutely adorable! It's super soft and is perfect for babies since they love to feel soft things. I bought the cream-colored one and it's so pretty and would be great for baby boys and baby girls. It's made of polyester and is machine washable, which is a must with babies and children! You will want to wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle and let it air dry. It measures about 15 inches tall and has satiny-feeling feet and ears. There is a ribbon around it's neck and on the left foot it says "My First Teddy." Everything seems well made and looks exactly like the ones my twins got years ago, this one being bigger. This bear is made in China and is good for even newborns since it's rated ages 0 plus. When I got this delivered to my house, I couldn't believe how beautiful it is! Even my kids fawned over it and I had to tell them it's for their cousin. My nephew can't tell me he loves it but I am sure he does and his mom thought it was so cute when I brought it out and gave it to him! If you are visiting a new baby and need a gift, this is a great idea because you can never have too many bears and it will work for boys and girls. I highly recommend this item!