Bright Pink Teddy Bear With Strawberry Embroidery Special Stuffed Plush Animal

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Our dog loves this

our dog loved this toy. Especially since it has the crinkle like sound when you touch it. Not sure what's inside but it sure keeps the puppy interested in it. Perfect size for small dog.

and I like the size of them because he can hold one ...

My son loves these things. They are so cute. and I like the size of them because he can hold one in one hand and hold my hand with his other hand.

Five Stars

Went well with the picnic baskets I got my nieces for Christmas?

George's t-shirt pills quickly

My 2 1/2 year old daughter LOVES this George. She got it for Christmas and hasn't let it out of her sight since. The doll itself is very soft and the right level of squishy - perfect for snuggles. My only issue at this point, 3 weeks since she got it, is the red t-shirt is already pilling. I have had t-shirts that I wear weekly for years and they never pill. This one, with only toddler love, is pilled all over. I haven't washed George yet, so the pilling is not caused from that. Considering how much this toy cost and how little decent t-shirt fabric costs, it would seem that they could make it out of a higher quality material. Luckily, I sew, so will likely use the shirt he's wearing now to make a nicer mama made shirt for him to wear. It won't have his name on it but I doubt that she will care. My girl loves this monkey and I am happy that I was able to find a toy that she loves so much... just wish it was of slightly better materials.

Five Stars

Very soft and cute!

Five Stars


10.5 inches at best..

I am a little disappointed that George is not as big as described. He is only 10.5 inches at best. I can say he is cute, soft and cuddly. I think my 2 year old daughter will be happy to have him regardless of his size. Our George is from Gund (I know some reviewers say they received one that was not). All in all despite the size I am pleased with the purchase.

Pleased with purchase

Soft and cute. Pleased with purchase

Five Stars

I love these inserts for boots! Nice and cozy.

Great for naps at preschool.

This is a really great mat for kids that take naps at preschool. Positives: - My 3 year old can roll and unroll it by herself. We practiced at home a couple of times. - It's light enough that my 3 year old can carry it herself. - The pillow, mat, and blanket are all contained in one package. The pillow can be removed for washing. - Machine washable. Negatives: - The mat is a bit thin Overall, we are happy with purchase and most importantly, my 3 year old is happy with it.