Brown Teddy Bear Wearing T-Shirt With Red Heart Ears And Red Embroidery Smile

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Many Thanks!!

My little girl had a bear just like this but we lost our home in a wildfire. She was very sad that she lost her bear too! We found it on amazon and she was very excited. It came quickly in the mail and is just perfect. Thank you!


This Gidget is adorable. My son has all of the Secret life of pets toys.

Son uses for imaginative play

This was for my son's obsession with Plants vs Zombies. This plush is very soft and the colors are bright. He loves to run around and pretend he's a Gattling Pea Shooter...

Excellent Hands on Learning Fun!

These are very standard counters that you'll find in most preschool/kindergarten classrooms. Great for teaching sorting, patterning, counting, sequencing, colors, and all kinds of other skills! I wish they'd come out with more counters that are of the different sizes in a series like the Bear Family. My 5 year old likes to pretend there's a Daddy Bear, Mommy, etc. I bought these with the patterning cards and we've had fun practicing her skills together. I think some children will have fun playing with these bears or lining them up on their own. My daughter is not really an independent learner, so she prefers that I sit with her for this activity.

Do not buy! Mine came damaged. The crown ...

Do not buy! Mine came damaged. The crown was not attached, the necklace is not attached to the medallion, and the dress is different than picture

Five Stars

I love this teddy bear. It's smooth and funny and pretty.

Four Stars

Soft and cuddly

and looks exactly like the picture

ITS SOOO CUTE!! and looks exactly like the picture!

Four Stars

Same with this gift no complaints and she was happy when she opened it.

All my dog wants to do is save squirrels.

My pomeranian is in love with this toy. She will spend 10-15 minutes trying to dig out the squirrels. Once they're all out she will prance around the house with one in her mouth. Jokes on her though because I steal the squirrels back and put them back in the log where they belong! Great way to keep the dog occupied.