Canvas Flip Wedge Pillow Floral Pattern Back Support For Reading

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Great song and stoty. Red Sovine's voice just fits. Kind of like George Jones and "He stopped loving her today". Sure to make you cry.

Fricken adorable.

Bought this for my daughter, she absolutely loves it, though at her age I have to be careful she doesn't swallow the fur, she was absolutely enthralled by the pictures in the book, I wish there was a series, so that I could read more to her.

Great Wireless Headphones.

I've had this headset for over a month now, and I am throughly impressed. I was skeptical at first about the fact that this is a wireless headset, but not anymore. I've read reviews of bad interference, flimsiness of plastic materials and so on. I have had no noticeable interference, even when nothing is being pushed through the headset. While I wouldn't trust the rigidity of these headphones in a war zone, or being ran over by your rolly chair multiple times, the quality of the plastics will hold up to normal daily abuse for years. Fitment/adjusting - These headphones seem to be meant for big headed people, I have quite the large skull and I have them comfortably set as small as they go. Battery - Battery life is great, I have yet to even have the headset die on me. I have 9-10 hour stints of using these headphones, and have had no battery issues. After one of those stints I typically just plug them in for the night and they'll be ready the next day. But when you do have to charge them as you're gaming, or whatever you're doing, the cable is not intrusive at all. Just remember you're plugged in before you go running off! Also, I never use the chroma color stuff on these, I fail to see the point of having a colored disco ball on your head.

Five Stars

good product,excellent shipping

Five Stars


Wanted to get a cute pig that looks like the cartoon/book Wibbly

I love this!! It's very cute, and my son adores it!! I was trying to get a Wibbly (cartoon/book character) stuffed animal, but was unable to find one. So I tried finding a pig that looked like him. This one is pretty close. It's adorable and really soft.


LOVE THIS PILLOW COVER!!! As soon as I received this cover (Ivory) I put it on my pillow. It looked beautiful! It had no funny chemical smells which was a plus. Having two young boys, I figured I'd be washing it soon so I didn't bother washing it right way. I gave it four stars only because I haven't seen the finial result of the cover being washed. However this cover is made very well and I'm sure it will wash great on the gentle cycle and line dried. It was such a hit with my kids that both of my boys want one for there rooms (yellow and teal). I will be ordering another one for my other couch and my bedroom (grey and ivory). Thanks for the great product!

It just doesn't get better than these!

These are the only balls I buy for my lab! He loves fetch of course but also loves to destroy tennis balls. It takes him seconds to destroy most toys, but these balls hold up well! He has NEVER broken a piece off in the probably three or four years I've been exclusively buying this brand! He doesn't like solid balls (like the ones Kong makes), I guess because he doesn't feel like he's destroying them. These he can squeeze and chew all he wants and they never show signs of wear after months or even years. As an added plus, they float so they can be retrieved out of water! He also loves the squeaky ones of this brand. For a lab I definitely recommend the large size.

Great gift idea for a bread lover.

This was bought as a novelty item for a family member who loves bread. It seems like it would be a comfortable pillow. It is extremely soft and adorable.


Quality.....Comfortable....Cozy and luxurious indeed. Last time I had a topper like this I spent over $100.00 and this exceeds that one in quality and comfort. LOVE IT!!!!!