Colorful Bed Wedge Pillow Triangular Sofa Back Pillow Reading Wedge Cushion 100% Cotton And Fiber Fill

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and good looking. We are currently using as shams for ...

These are high-quality covers that are affordable, accurately sized, and good looking. We are currently using as shams for 27" pillows on the bed, but would surely work for euro-couches or other decorative uses. Additionally, the Striped Soft Velvet is very comfortable and machine washable.

The small size was perfect for them

Exactly as discribed. My 1 and 2 year old are obsessed with Cat In the Hat. The small size was perfect for them.

Four Stars

Adorable but hard o find the right pillow to fit the case

Five Stars

It's beautiful for the's huge and stuffed pretty is 4 feet exact..

Five Stars

Beautiful, high quality bear by Gund! I highly recommend this.

Love it!

Absolutely love this bear! I had a Gund teddy bear growing up. Perfect size for my child.

Five Stars

Turned out very cute

Good price for combo

Not a bad price for the combo. The elephant blankie is so adorable and soft. The elephant head was cute. Like the matching blanket.

Expensive but worth it

My 10 month old baby cannot live without her Mr. Bears. She has all 3 colors of the smaller ones and held onto this medium one all day long on Christmas. She is constantly snuggling at least one of them and lights up when she sees them. They're so soft and easy to clean. Love them. Absolutely worth the price.

Big flower pillows

My girls love these pillows, I bought one to replace that dreaded yucky pillow that my daughter would not let me get rid of! Then, if you buy for one then you better get the other on too. My 8 year old happily turned over the old pillow when I opened the box with the flower pillow. It is like she's sitting in the middle of a flower, or sleeping in one, because she won't use a regular pillow. I just wish it could be thrown in the washer, but I will have to settle with spot cleaning, but it's ok, she loves it, along with her 12 year old sister. They are also great for sleepovers, that pillow and a blanket, and they are ready to crash on the floor at their big sisters house. Can't say enough good things