Cotton Canvas Back Support Pillow TV Watching Or Reading Wedge Pillow Best Pillow For Lumbar Support

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Four Stars

Cute but not perfect. Some doesnt look perfect but some looks really cute but overall it's fine!

Five Stars


my bad for not reading 9"

Cute but very small.. my bad for not reading 9"! Son loves it!

Five Stars

My 9 year old daughter loves it !!!!! It arrived early and we appreciate it!!!!!

Wrong color

Ordered the light pink large pillow and got blue :/ other than that the shipping was fast and my one year old daughter absolutely loves it! Perfect for her to sit and watch cartoons or just play around. Fabric seems to be of pretty good quality. Overall it's a good buy as long as you receive the right color!!


My 2.5 year old son absolutely loooooooovvvvvveeeeesss this!! moon is detacable and has a vecro that can stick on certain parts... very cute!!!

Perfect soft bodied doll for a 1+ year old

So cute. I bought this push doll and the Amber doll for my 1 year old for her upcoming birthday. She saw Sofia's face when I pulled it out of the box and started going crazy. Her crown was a little bent from shipping and it won't bend back. That is my only complaint if I can think of one. Other than that, her dress and hair are perfect and they are just the right size for a 1+ year old to carry around.

Green Pal

Looks just like Gumby :) This is a nice plush toy with a little bit different shape. It's fairly small so probably not a good choice for larger dogs or dogs that are tough on their toys. For my medium sized dog who likes to flip his toys around, this is a good choice.

Crossy Road chicken plush toy perfect for fans of the game

Someone wanted this item as a gift awhile back but there hadn't been an official Crossy Road Chicken plush toy released. I managed to purchase this as soon as the item was featured through the app. Looks exactly like I would expect in person! Definitely would recommend.

3 normal sized pillows for like 3 bucks

To be fair I did not read carefully and ended up having to purchase the stuffing for the bear, but other than that its doing well. For my stuffing I went to Walmart and got two $8 body pillows, 3 normal sized pillows for like 3 bucks, and 2 bags of 15oz stuffing. Then i just used some older pillows from around the house to fill the rest. Over all it was less expensive than getting a $200 bear but you do have to put in some work to fill it up.