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Great toy for tug of war!

I bought this toy for our dog after seeing it in Petsmart one evening. Our dog loves carrying around stuffed animals for fun, and wore out his previous toy through tug of war and breaking the squeaker. Once we found the Kong toy with rope as the inside, we figured it would be a perfect alternative for him! The squeaker however, did not last very long, I believe he had it broken within a few days of use. On the lighter side, the toy hasn't shown any wear or tear through his tug of war games. Our dog has never really liked playing tug of war with just rope toys, and preferred stuffed animals as his toy choice. We received the brown bear through our purchase, but figured sacrificing the bear color for the money savings was a no brainer! I will definitely be making another purchase of this bear if this current one wears out. Currently he has had it for a few months and it is still going strong!

Super cute and soft bear

This bear is so cute and soft! I looked through many bears online and this one had the cutest face. Soft and cuddly I just want to squeeze him all the time.


Very nice

Five Stars

Got this for a friend they say they love it

Five Stars

Super cute & happy!!!

So cute, and they are amazingly good sized.

I got these for my 10 year old grandson for Christmas and I thought they were small but when we Skype he showed me and they were really good sized and he was very happy getting them since he collects them. They are very colorful and very well made and he is very happy with them.

Son sleeps with it every nite

My son isn't usually attached to blankets or stuffed animals, but he loves his elmo. Mommy and daddy love it because it's soft, has no hard parts that can come off (the eyes, nose and mouth are all soft) as is the fur. We ordered a second and third one just incase and now rotate between the three of them. We throw elmo in the wash and dryer - I don't know if that's recommended, but you should note it changes his fur. My son doesn't seem to mind, but his fur is now matted and is not fluffy and soft like how it was when we first got it. Totally not a deal breaker, but it is notable in that pieces of lint, etc do get stuck in there. Perfect size for a toddler (he's 2) and it's just the right size for him to hold him (he holds his head) and it fits perfectly in his arms. Elmo is also pretty durable, as he has withstood being thrown multiple times

I (and my pup) LOVE these Pet Lou dog toys

I (and my pup) LOVE these Pet Lou dog toys. I have an intense chewer and this is the ONLY stuffed toy that I have found that he does not destroy in minutes. My dog has to have a "baby" in the house because he does this nursing imitation when he is winding down that only works with a stuffed toy. As with any other toy, once he gets to the stuffing the toy is usually trashed (unless I can pull enough out so he can't reach). These are the ONLY stuffed toys I give him as I know it will take him a few weeks to destroy. The price is good too and I love the various sizes. The only thing is I wish I could find them in store, instead of waiting for them to arrive at my door.

very bass heavy good quality decent mids not so good highs

very bass heavy good quality decent mids not so good highs.In audio quality my old Megladon head set has better mids and highs.But over all satisfied.

pup toy

great pup toy wish color was darker