Cotton Fabric Fiber Fill Triangular Wedge Cushion Bed Backrest Positioning Support Pillow Reading Pillow Home Office Lumbar Pad With Removable Cover Floral Flower Pattern

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2 out of 3 is fine though.

Giant, fluffy, but doesn't roar. 2 out of 3 is fine though.

Five Stars

Very good material it was a huge teddy bear my girlfriend loves it


This bear is so cute and so soft and cuddly! My one-year-old niece will absolutely love it!

This wonderful teddy bear has become my 16 month old grandson's ...

This wonderful teddy bear has become my 16 month old grandson's best bud.......He lays on him, uses him as a chair for watching tv and seems thrilled to have found a friend that is his size (although bigger than he). Thanks for making this grandma look so good!!!

Four Stars

color is a little different than whats pictured

Happy Child

Exactly what my daughter wanted! Thank you.

Five Stars

Great quality! Super soft.

Texan Toy football made of cloth

See video on Amazon.comI have a 2 1/2 month old english bulldog. He loves this toy. We have had the toy for a month now and the stitching has ripped. No cotton has fallen out of yet. My dogs likes to pull the ropes as you can see in the video. he is about 22 lbs and he is a very active bulldog. He plays with the toy about 3+ hours a day. I already feel that I got my money's worth since he has not ate my shoes!


I was not impressed with this bear overall. The picture gave off a false impression because the picture makes the bear look so soft and fluffy. I left a bad rating before but was offered a $5 refund. Not a bad experience, but $5 isn't a big difference when I paid almost $40 for it! S

Five Stars

makes thin carpet so much more plush