Cotton Flip Wedge Pillow Striped Pattern Small And Middle Size Fiber Filler

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Very nice! I'm sure my granddaughter will love her

Very nice! I'm sure my granddaughter will love her! I am very happy her hat is attached!

Perfect nightime companion

My 8 year old lost her first fennec fox stuffed animal on a camping trip. We have spent the last week looking for fenny. Hey... For $9, it's worth making this little magical creature reappear. Thank you Amazon Prime. Perfect nightime companion.

Already well loved

Bullseye is very cute and was a well received Christmas present.

Very popular 4yr old birthday give away.

We bought these for a girls birthday party themed a puppy party. We made collars out of ribbon and let the kids decorate the collars and make their own name tags. It was a huge hit and weeks later I still saw some of the kids who came to the party carrying around these dogs. Very very popular among 4 and 5 year old boys and girls.

Great for toddlers

my baby girl loves it! she wants it read to her every night and lately she takes it everywhere she goes. it's a little bit longer than most books she has so we enjoy the time it takes to get through it.

Cute. Don't know if it is a "Maine Coon" ...

Cute. Don't know if it is a "Maine Coon" but served its purpose as a gift.

Very nice toy. My child loved it

Very nice toy.My child loved it.

Love it!

Absolutely love this bear! I had a Gund teddy bear growing up. Perfect size for my child.

Super cute and soft teddy that we purchased for our ...

Super cute and soft teddy that we purchased for our older daughter as a gift 'from the new baby'. She LOVED it and thought it was very cool that she got a gift when he came to meet the new baby at the hospital :)

Super Soft and Adorable Panda !!!

I try to every year pick children's names off a Christmas Tree at a local diner to purchase their Christmas Wish List. I chose a a girl apx 9/10 years old .. I imagine she had a thing for Panda Bears because she listed Panda Bear as one of her gifts. This Panda Bear is not just ordinary Black and White ... but a Dark Gray and White. It is true to size (so pull out your ruler) it is not big but it is not small either! The Panda is so soft and squishy! I really hope she loved her gifts (they don't let us watch or see) ... I purchased other gifts off her list .. I hope this helped make her Christmas Bright !