Cotton Triangular Reading Wedge Cushion King And Queen Sizes Designed For Single Or Twin Bed Back Support For Bedback

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Perfectly portable penguin.

Well made. For a one year old gift.

Best bday present for 2 year old.

This was the greatest gift we could have gotten my son. He loves them. The colors are bright. The voices are clear. I put them in the wash after he put them in a mud puddle and they still work.

Love it

Really comfy and soft.. love it

Cute Bear!

This is awesome! I can hug this cute bear! The fur is soft and very decent in size. You can put against the bed's back since it does not sit on its own.

Excellent - very comfy and good quality

I bought one for my office and I cannot be more happy and satisfied. Being in an office sitting down for 9-10 hours a day is no fun, so I needed something comfortable. The material is very soft and the size is perfect. I even received a personalized email a few days after I received it to check how I was doing and if the cushion was what I expected, even tips on how to take of it and wash it. Very professional. Thank you so much for this product. It is truly worth having one in the office and ad home!

Five Stars

daughter loved it.


very beautiful..big and extremely wife loves it

Bo vs THIS TOY... Toy WINS

See video on OMG! I curse the makers of this toy!!! (j/k) We gifted this to our little Min Pin, Bo, the Destroyer. We bought 4 other toys from different companies. This is Bo's FAVORITE. He was playing with it until he was panting so hard... body burning like a little furnace... OMG! We had to take this toy away for his own health. It's been 10 minutes and he is looking for it. And OMG is it tough. Thank you for making this indestructible dog toy with everlasting squeaky thing. I thank you for my sleepless nights :D Please view video of BO in action!

An exciting party favor for several girls

My daughter wanted a Madeline in Paris theme for her birthday in Spring of 2013. We gave eight of these dogs out to the girls as little Genevieves from one of the Madeline books. The girls were delighted. My daughter and her younger brother have often played with the dogs; my son, in particular, likes to tie a string around the dog's neck and drag it around "on a walk." It's now the end of summer 2013, and the dogs are holding up very well. A couple of downsides: the dog feels a bit stiff and is not very soft - it doesn't give you the feeling of a very high-quality plush. However, the price was right and I feel it was a fair price for a good-quality toy. I would recommend it if you're looking for a dog that looks just like this one (as we were), but not necessarily recommend it if you're looking for a high-quality, heavy-bodied, soft plush for a special occasion. That said, my kids love them, and the guests who received the dogs were very happy.

These are so soft & adorable. Had the g-kids put up in closet to ...

These are so soft & adorable. Had the g-kids put up in closet to use in winter or when they are sick so they stayed clean. They kept dragging them back out to sleep with. :) Perfect gift for b-day or baby shower. Heating pads are always good for ear aches and cold beds in the winter.