Creative leaf blanket shawl air conditioner blanket photography props style.01


  • Size: 200x110cm/150x72cm
  • Weight: 700g/400g
  • Fabric: Thickened soft flannel/soft flannel + lamb fleece
  • Uses: blanket/decoration/fun home decoration
  • Creativity: Realistic visual, delicate and smooth touch
  • Features: Comfortable skin-friendly, soft and absorbent, highly breathable, safe printing and dyeing
  • Small size is suitable for one person, large size is suitable for two people
  • Selected thickened soft flannel does not lint, gentle skin-friendly / material environmental protection and safety, active printing and dyeing / washing does not fade
  • The pattern has a strong three-dimensional sense / full of color filling, and it is a landscape to be laid out at will, feeling in the nature
  • About disinfection: Soak the blanket in salt water for 10 minutes, then rinse it with cold water.
  • Regarding washing: Please wash separately from other clothes and choose neutral washing liquid; machine washable and hand washable. Choose a gentle program for machine washing, do not vigorously dry; just hang to dry. The correct washing method can make the blanket last for a long time.
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