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Our Favorite New Toy!

Absolutely adorable!!! we have a Keeshond and a Mini American Eskimo and they both love it, the only issue is we will need to order extra squirrels. Helps the little one with boredom and saves my couch from the burrowing damages. The X-Large size is not too big for her, light enough for her to bring from room to room.

Five Stars

Arrived faster then expected. Soft fabric and my daughter loves it!

Five Stars

It's perfect, exactly as expected which can be difficult to find with online shopping these days!

Nice Necklace

See video on This is such a beautiful necklace. I was pleasantly surprised when it arrived to discover that all of the bear parts actually move.I purchased this for myself because i love jewelry and when i seen this item i simply had to own it .The box that this arrived is very beautiful and actually if you buy this as a gift you are good to go .The necklace is snake style and has a amazing shine to it. Although it doesn't have any stamp on it. The bear is made out of small swarovski elements all in different colors varying from pink,blue,green and white and in the middle you have a bog teardrop dark pink colored stone that has a cute bow on it. The head ,legs, and arms of the teddy bear charm move. The back of the necklace has a extender allowing you to adjust how long or short you would like it to be.

The Seat of a Great Evening

Our town features a marvelous amphitheater, at which we watch many "wonderfun" performances every year- but our reserved seats are kinda hard, and lately I've had a hard time lasting thru til the end of a show. This Elephix pad has come to my rescue ... and I've been kickin' myself for letting myself be miserable for no good reason. The zippered cloth cover and its soft, soft contents are just the right combination. So GLAD I got it!

She absolutely loved it. It is good quality and is so ...

We purchased this for my daughter for Christmas. She absolutely loved it. It is good quality and is so soft. Also, Vermont Teddy Bears are guaranteed for life. A good idea for a little one.

I guess it is TeamMate liked it.

My TeamMate loved it...

The only digger you can cuddle up with!

Well... comfortably. If you have (or are) a little digger fanatic, this is a gem. Of course, the associated book (Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site) is great as well... but with or without it, this is a great pleasure and a great savior for parents whose little ones want to take their diggers to bed. It is nicely made, and has the side benefit of being more manipulable for 2-ish-year-olds to pick up small objects than a "hard" digger. I hope they soon bring out the doze and cement truck soon!

Duke II is perfect. Delivered on time

Had the first one for many many years. Duke II is perfect. Delivered on time, exactly as promised.

I tried a different color and I LOVE IT!!!!

I love this product! It's a little more liquidy at first than most of the other matte liquid lipsticks that I have tried, but once it dries it's matte! I love the color! Pair it with a dark eye and omg! YASSSSS! It also goes on as a beige almost tan color and turns more rosy as you wear it. You can also layer it to make it more nude than rose. I wore it yesterday and got tons of compliments! The tube itself is nice. It's matte and you can see the color almost glow from the inside. The only negative thing I could possibly think of, is that the applicator wand is very rigid, it doesn't flex or have any give at all. It sort of helps because it's so liquid when it goes on. I don't use a lip liner. You could easily use a lip brush by wiping the applicator along the inner lip of the container and then picking it up with your brush (instead of using your hand). It also holds up through eating. I reapplied because the rosiest color is very close to my natural lip color.