Flip Pillow Wedge Sofa Back Pillow Reading Wedge Cotton Checkered Fabric

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Well made and durable

I ordered this for my son since he lost his and this one was very highly quality and looks durable. Would purchase from this line again.

Son is happy

I didn't think it was going to be as big as it is. My son still loves it but be warned that it's not the average size of a plush character that you typically get.

Very nice! I'm sure my granddaughter will love her

Very nice! I'm sure my granddaughter will love her! I am very happy her hat is attached!

Perfect nightime companion

My 8 year old lost her first fennec fox stuffed animal on a camping trip. We have spent the last week looking for fenny. Hey... For $9, it's worth making this little magical creature reappear. Thank you Amazon Prime. Perfect nightime companion.

Already well loved

Bullseye is very cute and was a well received Christmas present.

Very popular 4yr old birthday give away.

We bought these for a girls birthday party themed a puppy party. We made collars out of ribbon and let the kids decorate the collars and make their own name tags. It was a huge hit and weeks later I still saw some of the kids who came to the party carrying around these dogs. Very very popular among 4 and 5 year old boys and girls.

Great for toddlers

my baby girl loves it! she wants it read to her every night and lately she takes it everywhere she goes. it's a little bit longer than most books she has so we enjoy the time it takes to get through it.

Cute. Don't know if it is a "Maine Coon" ...

Cute. Don't know if it is a "Maine Coon" but served its purpose as a gift.

Very nice toy. My child loved it

Very nice toy.My child loved it.

Love it!

Absolutely love this bear! I had a Gund teddy bear growing up. Perfect size for my child.