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Five Stars

Daughter loves all of these plush toys.

It's super cute and entertaining for all ages

It's super cute and entertaining for all ages. Arrived quickly and was well packaged. The sound of the speaker is somewhat average but this little guy makes up for that by being so freakingly adorable! Got it as a Valentine's present for my teenager niece and she loves it.

Wonderful product!

My daughter is a big fan of Spiders and Tarantulas and absolutely adores this plush Tarantula. She claims that it is so soft, fluffy, and adorable! She loves the detail of the leg stripes and stitch-work. Her only complaint is that the fur on the head goes two ways and makes it mismatched, but she still rates this product 5 stars as this is a very small mistake.

Adorable but not as soft as I was expecting

My little hedgehog came in on time. The "spike" texture is more similar to the fur of a short haired dog than the silky fluff I was expecting. It isn't unpleasant just unexpected. The belly and face fur are very soft and cuddly however! The plush has a little beany butt that gives it a nice weight. Purchased for my hedgehog loving mother who enjoys him very much as a desktop companion.

Nice size. Bigger than expected

Nice size. Bigger than expected!!

Five Stars

My daughter loves her toy! High quality plush and very cute!

So soft and cuddly

This teddy bear is soooo soft and cuddly! I purchased it as a prop for my photo shoots. The kids luv hugging the bear and I've gotten some real awesome shots already!


So cute and it is a perfect size for a 3 year old!

It is a perfect size for him

Bought for my young son's bed. It is a perfect size for him.

Five Stars

Our son loves this spider! So soft and realistic looking.