Flip Wedge Pillow Reading Wedge For Bed Back Support Cushion

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So cute and it is a perfect size for a 3 year old!

It is a perfect size for him

Bought for my young son's bed. It is a perfect size for him.

Five Stars

Our son loves this spider! So soft and realistic looking.

Five Stars

So big and beautiful!

Cute but not huggable

A little toy to fit the Sesame gang although I felt it was a little sad as a stuffed toy. It should have had more filler to plump it up and make it more 'huggable'. I liked the fact that the eyes were embroidered and not hard moveable googly eyes so there was no worry abouty the eyes coming loose and getting swallowed. My granddaughter, age 2, immediately made it part of her play.

Five Stars

my girlfriend's daughter loved these as one of her hannukah gifts

What's Not to Love

This Mother Goose is fabulous. Of course my husband and I tried her out and she is really adorable. This was bought as a Baby gift for a woman I work with and I haven't given it to her yet. I'm sure she's going to love it for her little girl.

Wanted to get a cute pig that looks like the cartoon/book Wibbly

I love this!! It's very cute, and my son adores it!! I was trying to get a Wibbly (cartoon/book character) stuffed animal, but was unable to find one. So I tried finding a pig that looked like him. This one is pretty close. It's adorable and really soft.

Five Stars

My 9 year old daughter loves it !!!!! It arrived early and we appreciate it!!!!!

Good job overall just a bit of a mix up

Good product nice quality still not exactly what i wanted since i asked for a iPod 5 case nd they sent me an iPhone 4 case sp they kinda messed up but i made into a stuffed animal so it was cool my niece loves it and i would suggest making sure they send you the right one cuz they messed up my order but still shipped well jus packaged weirdly :/