Fluffy Soft Fiber Filled Triangle Wedge Cushion Pillow For Bed Sofa Backrest Reading Removable And Washable Cotton Shell Side Storage Pockets Design

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#1 for 1 year old

My daughter (1 year) got her first penguin as a gift and it quickly took over as #1 stuffed animal. She holds the wings and puts the beak in her mouth, hugs and cuddles it. It is perfect for little hands. I bought a second one for back up!

Really cute baby book!!

Really cute baby book!! Just right for a baby!! I put it in with Flappy the Elephant!!


Very cute Bear. A little hard to see his sleepy eyes becasue of the low color contract but still cute.

Five Stars

Very cool and distinctive looking fur.

Love him

Very soft well built stuffed elephant . It comes in a vacuumed sealed back so I just tossed the elephant in the dryer for a few to fluff him back up. Size is as described, about 2 feet tall.

Dog loves the toy, but it's not the same as the picture

I ordered the medium sized bear for my 20lb dog. The toy we got was not the one in the main picture of the listing with the shorter fur and leopard spotted feet. We were a bit disappointed - My dog actually already has the bear in the main picture and loves it so much that I was trying to buy him a replacement in case anything ever happens to the original. The toy we got was the more fuzzy looking bear that's pictured in some of the additional pictures for this listing. It ended up working out okay, because my dog loves his new bear. So far it's held up well, and he plays with it daily. The only reason I gave this listing 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the misleading picture.

sweet little guy

Soft, super cute little bear!

The kids love it. He did come with a small hole ...

The kids love it. He did come with a small hole in the stiching,but I fixed it that's why the 4 stars.

perfect for key chain or backpack

Small and cute, perfect for key chain or backpack.

So Soft and Deep Rich Color

Beautiful rich color, just as pictured, soft short nap velvet...soft and perfect!