Full Size Triangular Cushion Reading Wedge Bedding Pillow Back Support Cotton Fabric Fiber Filler

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Great puppy toy!

My 4 month old toy poodle loves toys. But I've never seen him get so excited as he has with this one. He keeps it with him, runs through the house with it, tossing it up and catching it as he goes. Totally adorable and totally ridiculous to watch.

Five Stars


Five Stars

Nice toy but a little small

Great find... no pink :(

My 5 yo with autism loves color crew. These were a delight for his birthday. I only wish they had pink. Pink is his favorite character. I don't think they make Color Crew toys anymore so it was amazing to find this. He loves that they talk too!

Love that this toy is so versatile and safe with ...

Love that this toy is so versatile and safe with the options of the wheels being velcroed on or off. Perfect for the kiddo that loves cars. Fun for them to race each other with winding the wheels back. Very lightweight and soft.

I'm glad I bought it

My 22 year old girlfriend loves this bear so much I gave it to her for Valentine's day it's a great gift for any occasion for anyone that likes stuffed animals would definitely buy from this company again the bears are extra soft and cuddly and come on even me being a grown man can admit they are cute lol.

Love the light

So cute and creative! Love the light. Its well made and not too bulky. Perfect for a little night light!

Great for all kids ages

2.5yo loves this book. Great for all kids ages.


I got these as stocking stuffers and I wanted to keep them all. Totally adorable. There were a couple of duplicates but they were different. Example: white bear, pink bow brown bear yellow bow They had different shapes. Definitely not the same.

Fun pillow cover

This pillow cover is very soft and a fun texture. It seems to be good quality. I ordered this thinking the cover might actually look a bit more cream than beige, but felt okay in case it was actually beige. The cover that arrived was truly a beige color, so the product is true to the picture.