Fushcia Red Corduroy Fabric Wedge Pillow Back Support Pillow Floor Triangular Pillow Large And Small Sizes For Single Or Twin Bed

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my bad for not reading 9"

Cute but very small.. my bad for not reading 9"! Son loves it!

Expensive but worth it

My 10 month old baby cannot live without her Mr. Bears. She has all 3 colors of the smaller ones and held onto this medium one all day long on Christmas. She is constantly snuggling at least one of them and lights up when she sees them. They're so soft and easy to clean. Love them. Absolutely worth the price.

Very well made Soft Plush material.

Bought the Daisy with the Donald.Very well made Soft Plush material.Now 5 yr old god daughter can carry around all her favorite Mickey Mouse Clubhouse charactors !

Mr. Slumbers gets 2 thumbs up!!!

This little guy made my day!!! Coming home from a long day and finding him on my doorstep was awesome!! He is absolutely adorable!! Of course I had to brush him out a bit as he was stuffed inside a plastic bag, but I love him to pieces!!!

Great for traveling or everyday use

This product so far is amazing. Love the look and size. With the bass hit a little harder but other than that a solid pair of headphones.

Four Stars


sweet slinky dog

Slinky is one of my daughters favorite characters and she loves this one.

Five Stars

not as big and stoff like the picture, but is ok

Very beautiful cover! It really loved it and was really ...

Very beautiful cover! It really loved it and was really impressed with the quality. These do not look cheap AT ALL. The blush pink was gorgeous but it didn't quite look right with my decor so I returned it, but I am planning to try out a different color because the look and quality was GREAT. Would totally recommend!

Five Stars

very cute and soft teddy!