Green Lumbar Support Cushion For Backrest Reading Wedge Pillow For Chair Back Or Bed Back Couch Triangular Pillow Velvet Fabric And Soft Fiber Filler

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She loved it.

I bought it for a friend who was going away to college at LSU. She loved it.

my son was happy and we had a good laugh

It's suuuuper small so beware!! Still cute though, my son was happy and we had a good laugh. Very small for the price but good quality!

They also look really nice in my car

They protect my shoulder were I have had multiple surgeries. They also look really nice in my car. Most people don't even see that there is anything attached to the seat belt.

It's super cute. Fun to keep or give as a ...

It's bigger than I expected! It's super cute. Fun to keep or give as a gift.

Only time will tell

Got this for my brothers not-yet-born daughter. We think she will like it, but of course only time will tell. It has three different colors one of which I don't quite care for, the red happens to be rather dark, and it just creates what comes off to me as an eerie atmosphere...but who knows maybe the baby will like it, and I think it is because the green and blue are much brighter, perhaps it is designed this way to keep the baby's attention better because of that contrast. It is not incredibly bright but you can certainly make out the actual shapes of the stars, and I think a baby could sleep with it on easily. Overall I quite like it, but of course it isn't about what I like. :)

So soft!

I used this as a decoration for a baby shower. I prefer to use decorations that can be used by the mother. The material is so soft and nice

Pale, but perfect

He looks sun bleached, but my son doesn't mind. I gave him this Pooh for his 1st birthday and they have become inseparable. This bear had been tossed, squished, fed, bounced, and slept with every night for 6 months and is holding up well. He survived a few rounds through the washer and still looks pretty good. His eyes are sewn, so not a choking hazard, and the shirt is well attached. The ears do crinkle and there's a subtle rattle in his tummy, but it's never woken my son from a nap. I'm contemplating ordering a back up Pooh in case we ever loose this one.

This was an excellent stocking stuffer

This was an excellent stocking stuffer, but also a great or anytime gift for a sports fan. Good quality and even larger than expected

Perfect Pillow Pal

Thomas is cute and cuddly, and our little guy loves snuggling with him. He is very soft but does not lose his shape. I expect him to hold up well.

Four Stars

Too sticking cute, got so many compliments.