Huge Stuffed Plush Teddy Bear Animal Toy Light Brown Fur And Removable Plaid Bow Tie Adorable Gift For Lovers

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My granddaughter loved this so much I had to buy a second ...

My granddaughter loved this so much I had to buy a second one for her after buying the first one for her sister. They especially loved the crown.

Very soft & cute

Very soft & cute little guy! Daughter & niece loved it!

Five Stars

Very cute, very soft!

Lovely but very bright in the dark

Adorable and super soft bear for my 3 year old son. I love the many colors of the lights and the music is very soothing. However, I am deducting one star because my son says that the lights are too bright at bedtime.

Cute Bear!

This is awesome! I can hug this cute bear! The fur is soft and very decent in size. You can put against the bed's back since it does not sit on its own.

Sweet teddy bear with a cute face – works well as a stocking topper

My grandson has this beige teddy bear in the larger size. Beary is one of his favorite stuffed animals and while his new big boy bed (twin size red racing car) is big enough to hold the bear, my daughter prefers for him to sleep with small stuffed animals. Getting the 12 inch version for him seems to be the best of both worlds, small but still his Beary. This one will be named Baby Beary. The small bear works well as a topper to the standard size stocking we will present him at Christmas this year. It will make it instantly recognizable as his compared to his sister's stocking. My granddaughter has the chocolate version of this bear and we are giving her a small bear as well.

A surprisingly accurate model, as well as a delightful ...

A surprisingly accurate model, as well as a delightful toy… the notice even includes the tardigrade's genus and species names (Ramazzottius varieornatus)!

My kids are addicted to Sonic & Mario Plush figures

Easter gift for my 5 year old. This particular plush figure(werehog) is of outstanding quality! He loves it! Picture doesn't do it justice. There's a lot of little details you can hardly see by the pic.Highly recommended

Perfect for Zombie Fans!!

These slippers are hilarious in real life! And amazingly cool for the zombie fans! I ordered these for my 17 y/o daughter who is the biggest Walking Dead mega-fan and they are a hit! Great quality and just as described. General sizing ~ She's a woman's 7, I'm a 6 and they are a tiny big on me but fit her very well. She wore them recently to a school trip and EVERYONE raved about them! Pros: 1. They fit well. This is an inset slipper (like a tennis shoe style, not an open back like a house slipper) 2. The material is plush and thick! Walking on these is like a padded carpet under your feet at all times. 3. They are colorful and vibrant and well made. Not loose threads, eyes are stitched on well and yes, the hanging eyeballs actually flop around when you walk! Con: Packing. I'd give this a 5, but they literally showed up shoved in a small plastic mailing container with no protective bag or sealed packaging. I had to squish them down just to get them out. Had I pulled it out the other side of the envelope by pure chance, I would have reached in where the loose eye was an probably pulled it off. All's well that ends well but seriously - a box or bigger envelope would have made a big difference. However, would I order these again? Absolutely.

Must-Have for Your Curious Little Georges

I purchased this two months ago as a birthday gift for a sweet 2-year-old boy I nanny for who is obsessed with Curious George. It was the perfect gift!! I am so glad I found this for my little guy, he absolutely loves his George and is constantly hugging him, carrying him, feeding him, and sleeping with him. The 16 inch George is the perfect size for kiddos and the quality is unexpectedly amazing, very soft and durable. I would be more stuffed animals like this and absolutely recommend this for any little Curious George fans out there! Your kids will be in love.