Large Teddy Bear Plush Toy Light Brown Giant Stuffed Animal With Plaid Bow Tucker And Gray T-shirt

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Five Stars

My son loves it

Great First Toy Cars!!

These were a total hit with my Great Grandson! They are very soft, the wheels can be removed (all four are attached to one velcro pad on the bottom of each vehicle) and when you pull them back toward you and let them go, they race forward ..... very cool!

Nice design but not what we were looking for.

Have been using the original Deviceware case for our full size IPad over the past year. With the exception that one of the corners has broken off case still does exactly what we want. We recently bought an IPad Mini and was looking for a case again. Looked at Deviceware for this and saw this two position case which seemed perfect for reading hands free in landscape or portrait positions. When we received the case and installed the IPad we could not get the small corner to lock firmly in place. The IPad seemed fairly secure in place but didn't want to take risk of it coming detached. Also didn't like having to use the elastic band for closure each time. I sent this back and purchased the original design Deviceware case with the single position stand. Possibly there might have been some flaw in the plastic mold preventing a completely secure fit. Hopefully the new case will be to our liking. Still believe Deviceware makes the most trouble free cases.

Five Stars

very good, nice prize

Five Stars

Very fluffy and cute. I wash mines once every two weeks.

Perfect Small Teddy Bear

Such a cute and small little bear. I like the size and shape, and everything about the bear. Great buy for the price!

Five Stars

She likes the bear


This is the perfect gift, in my opinion. It can be a throw-pillow or one that can be thrown around and will still be in tact! Also perfect for iPhone lovers! I gave this to my boyfriend for Valentine's Day and he LOVED (STILL LOVES) it!! The material is GREAT. He sleeps with it every night and the seams have yet to come apart and it does not look like it will be coming apart any time soon! I love it. He loves it. His sister loves it. It is super soft and is a great size!! I will order again! My boyfriend is 18, his sister is 12. It is great for any gender and for any age. It is very well-stuffed. Very plushy. I apologize for the terrible picture of it. It looks beautiful in person. Bright yellow, bright red, and a nice brown for the mouth. This picture nor the picture here on Amazon does the pillow justice. True to the emoji.

Great stuffed toy

A great stuffed toy, amazing that it talks so clear,and even moves.... like a human...great for child or child at heart.

Cute lion

I wasn't sure what to expect based on other reviews, especially the one with the picture that made the animal seem really cheap. I don't know if theirs just wasn't right or if they just didn't fluff if after it came out of the bag, but I'm happy with this animal - especially for the price. It's a bit lighter than the product photo, but I don't have a problem with that. It does ship bunched up in a bag. That's not much different from how I've received other stuffed animals I've purchased online, and actually I'm okay with that. It seems cleaner than if it was just a loose stuffed animal sitting around in a warehouse collecting dust. After a little fluffing he looks good and my daughter was excited about him.