Lumbar Support Pillow For Bed Home Garden Chair Or Sofa Pillow Wedge Backrest Cushion Cotton Canvas Fabric Floral Pattern

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Great product that helps your back

Perfect product for my names.


Beautiful, interesting flag for those times when holiday flags aren't needed.

My favorite teddy bear

That's the most adorable teddy bear ever. Bought it for a little girl as a present, I've just received it from Amazon and I'm already sad that I'll have to give this cuteness away! You can't but fall in love with him at once!


Very nice quality. SUPER soft! Good value too. I got the pink bunny. It's adorable. I expect this will get a lot of use this fall/ winter.

Highly recommended product

I was skeptical about this at the purchase. But as I watch movies a lot with my ipad, I needed something to hold to prevent neck and back pain. It holds the pad very stedily and it is lightweight and with premium quality. This is Just what I wanted!

this was a nice out of the ordinary gift

Wifey knows whats up! this was a nice out of the ordinary gift!

Love this pillow!

So adorable. Quite large. Was wonderful pillow for my 5yr old granddaughter. Soft cuddly inviting. A little bit of a darker pink than the photo. She loves it. REALLY CUTE!

Five Stars

Soooooo adorable in person. Good sizes too!

Five Stars

Super cute and cuddly!!

Hilarious for me, a little scary for the puppy

Our new puppy loves this toy, and he's well on his way to ripping its leg off. It's not going to last long-- it's not really made to survive a puppy who's bent on destruction-- but he really likes it. It's a good size for him, easy to carry around. But when he hits the sound button inside it and Mr Bill goes "Oh nooooooooooo," it really freaks him out. Every time that goes off, he cries and runs away for a second. I wonder if the "noooooooooo" sounds a bit like a dog howl to him? I've also noticed that the cat comes running into the room when the "oh no" goes off-- he's fascinated with the sound.