Office Chair Back Support Wedge Pillow Cotton And Fiber Made Car Seat Back Body Positioning Pillow Travel Relax Triangular Pillow

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I Want a Hippo for Christmas

This was a Hippo Christmas! Everyone had to have one so had to look for different ones! This worked perfectly!

Perfect for party

This was a big hit as party favors for my son's dog-themed birthday party. We were tired of the classic "party favor" and wanted to go with something that at least had a chance of being played with for more than a day. These were perfect. Not too expensive and each child got to pick their own color. My son still has his in good condition after 2 months

Five Stars

hilarious and fun

Love this! The material is so soft and it ...

Love this! The material is so soft and it is so comfy to sit against. It is very sturdy and doesn't fall over when using it. I have to have time assignments with my kids. I definately need to buy another one! Highly recommend!

good product

bought this for my wifey she loved it, but returned it for some reason; not so soft, really ?

Honest and Qualified Review.

This headset is excellent but has two flaws that have any significance. One is the microphone can be a floppy, it is not rigid in it's slot and so moving your head can cause it to move which makes noise for people listening to you, but it's not that bad. If this were the only issue i would give it 5 stars. However, it is not, the head band, though it is the most comfortable of any headset i have used, and i have used many, is connected by thin bands of plastic to the frame of the headset. They lasted 8 months, which is not awful, but now that they are broken the structural integrity of the headset has been compromised and no longer fits right. If you get this headset, and i recommend you do, get the 4 year warranty.

Five Stars

Kids loved it!

Zombie Feet

The slippers were shipped in a very secure envelope, undamaged and in good condition. Every one in my house hates them, I love them. They keep my feet warm just in time for winter.

it is an excellent display case with a compartment for the bow and ...

Not only does it serve the purpose of a cello stand, it is an excellent display case with a compartment for the bow and also a truly attractive addition as a furniture piece. It deserves the five star rating because it makes practice more enjoyable.


This ended up coming very late and somehow got lost in the process of getting to me. The company refunded me my money and about 3 days later I got this in the mail. Maybe it was a post office mistake. But anyways the pillow is awesome. It was for my sons bday and he loves it. Its super soft and looks exactly like the pictures!