Orange Corduroy Flip Wedge Cushion Triangular Pillow Back Neck Support Cushion

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Great for warm toned, pale skinned folks.

If you're a warm toned pale person, this is a perfect dark matte lipstick. I can really tone down my eyes when I wear this. Definitely will get again when I run out.

Five Stars

Love the song...

Love this pillowcase!

The reviews were very helpful and accurate - I considered several cases and this one is the clear winner! Very soft and good quality, not thin or flimsy at all. I haven't washed it yet though, I'll update after I run it through the machine according to the instructions on the tag...

Five Stars

My son loves this!

It's perfect for what it is intended for

It's perfect for what it is intended for! Records and stores the recording inside in a secure pocket with velcro. The bear itself is really cute and huggable! I used it for recording of my yet unborn baby's heartbeat. It does the job!

Five Stars

Exactly as described.

A great nightlight, but could be improved...

This is great for what it is, but there are 2 improvements I would have been willing to pay a little extra for. 1) Selectable duration - this stays on for approximately 45 minutes. Given that it runs on batteries, it would be nice to have the ability to have it shut off after 15 and 30 minutes, in addition to 45. My daughter is asleep after about 10 minutes so a shorter duration would certainly lead to improved battery life. 2) Ability to plug in to the wall - We've been through 2 sets of batteries so far, and she's had it for about 2 weeks. I ended up buying a decent battery charger and rechargeable AAA batteries. Overall it's great for what it is, and now my son wants one as well! *** Update 3/17/13: The battery life on this item is much much better than I first experienced. I'm not sure why the first couple of sets did not last, but always using fresh batteries (and now rechargeable ones) we are seeing much longer times between battery swaps. My daughter still loves it!

Cutest log pillow and I love that it stays firm

Cutest log pillow and I love that it stays firm. I just unzip the outer fabric to wash. It's just some type of foam inside but a very firm foam.

One of the best plush toys out there

One of the best plush toys out there. So soft and huggable, with a look on his face that begs you to pick him up and hug and hold him. I love this line of plush animals! Going to buy others. They make great friends.

Cute and high quality

This toy is really cute and from what I can tell, pretty high quality. I gave it as a gift but now I want to get another for my dog! The person I gave it to was thrilled.