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My child has a friend for life now

I am so impressed with the cuteness and quality of this product. I was a little apprehensive that they fur would tear off during use, but it is as fluffy and intact as the day we bought it. My child loves this bear, it is the perfect size for him to hug and wrestle. This bear is now one of his favorite toys and his new best friend.

Looks great and well made.

This is a very nice looking and well made pillow case for a throw pillow. We had a spare 18" square pillow that we didn't know what to do with after the original cover was stained. This proved to be a cheap way to make use of a pillow we would have thrown out, and add a nice new look to the room. The faux fur is nice and soft, and looks realistic even up close. It has a nice soft back to the pillow as well. If you want a sheep-skin look but don't want to kill any sheep or worry about how to clean fur, this is a good purchase. I highly recommend.

My granddaughter loved this so much I had to buy a second ...

My granddaughter loved this so much I had to buy a second one for her after buying the first one for her sister. They especially loved the crown.

I loved it

Ordered for an elephant themed baby shower I'm attending and this is softer than a cloud. It's made beautifully and it is two seperate pieces. So you'll get a blanket and the elephant toy.

Awesome bear for the money

Awesome bear for the money. Yes the legs are too long. My 25 year old lady friend LOVED HIM as soon as she opened the box. She has about 50 bears and this is her biggest by far. Worth the money.

Five Stars

cool toy

Looks exactly like in the picture

Looks exactly like in the picture. Well made! The puppy loves it & hasn't torn it to shreds. No punctures at all.

Beanie Baby Happy the Hippo

My little Granddaughter has had two open heart surgeries and numerous heart procedures, She has spent over half her life in the hospital. she is on oxygen and a feeding tube. Because she had difficulty holding her binkie we sewed the nipple to the the Hippo's nose so it could lay on her chest or on the side without if falling out of her mouth all the time. It worked wonderful. She is now 14 months old and will need to have another surgery soon, so I purchased a new Hippo beanie for her as the old one is - Oh!!, my Gosh a little dirty. She loves it and when she is laying down she will hold it up and look into its very tiny eyes. We hope she will love this new one as much as she loves the old one she seems to know the difference and has not yet taken to the new one. We love it she holds it and hugs her Beanie Baby Hippo she calls it her Lulu. It will be with her again at her next hospital stay. It is very soothing for her to have it. When we are not there it is with her.

Worked well

They worked well for our chairs that go to our kitchen table.

"I freakin' love you and this cat

Birthday gift to girlfriend... Her response: "I freakin' love you and this cat!"