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cute toy.

median size pokemon toy, bright yellow soft and adorable.

I love this. Arrived promptly

I love this. Arrived promptly. Well packaged. No/little odor (and what little odor there was dissipated quickly) Added some gentle "give" to my sleeping experience.

Puppy approved!

My 4 month old Schnauzer loves this toy! I was looking for a rope toy that wouldn't shed threads to entertain him when he was teething. This is very well made. The only thing I didn't care for was the little patches sewn onto it. The patches are not stitched well and can be chewed off. I can say this is not isolated to the two I ordered from Amazon. I purchased these after buying one at a local pet store. The patches came off the pet store purchase as well. Other than that, "Teddy" brings a lot of entertainment for the puppy, and he in turn entertains us!

Five Stars

Granddaughter absolutely this !!!

Five Stars

It is the best stuffed animal I ever purchased so soft and cuddly my grandson loves it!!!!

GREAT quality, large size and both unicorn pillow and stuffed animal.

THE BEST!!! This is really a good size and so soft and fluffy. Well made and truly unique--just the head! It can act as both a bead or couch pillow and a stuffed animal. SUCH a great buy for the money. I am hoping I can find more heads form the same company!

4.8 in total

9 for $21 from BabyQ Quality:4.5 Shipping:4.5 Price:5 Amount:5 Cuteness:4.9

Cute - ears make great bookmarks

My friend really likes Fennec foxes, so IbBought this for her birthday; she absolutely loves it! It's the cutest little stuffed animal, and she says its ears work well for makeshift bookmarks. It is a little smaller than I expected, but that just adds to the cuteness.

Totally Love it!

My daughter is 4 years old and I bought the pink ladybug for her birthday. She loves her ladybug. And sleeps with it every single night. She watched me order it online (most reasonable price and better selection) and this child asked me each morning when she opened her eyes if her ladybug was here yet. That said.. Ours has 3 color lights. Red, green and bluish purple. It has a 45 minute auto off switch (internal). I do wish there was an option to allow the colors to automatically alternate. That is just a personal preference. Also something to keep in mind, the more round the shell, the more scattered the stars. We like seeing them on the walls AND ceiling. All in all this is a 10 star toy for kids from ages 0-10. Fabulous newborn night light too. Great baby shower gift.

Love it

Adorable! He was a gift for my mother but she was scared of it. So Beary Manilow sits in my corner on his guitar. Really soft and worth the price, good Valentine's Day gift. Not for your aging mother though