Reading Backrest Pillow Small And Middle Size Wedge Pillow Linen Blend Fabric Polyester Fiber Two Pieces Neck Pillow Included

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Highly recommend!

Sooooo cute and so soft! My little 2 year old is obsessed with it! Highly recommend!

Beautiful and comfortable

This beautiful cushion is not only looks amazing but also it is super soft and comfortable. i bought a blue medium cushion for my son. I have one feedback though ... y to mention girls floor pillow bed when boys can use that too. i am going to order one more in vreen color for my 2 year old son.

Pretty okay I guess for the price

It came earlier as expected. It's very cute and soft. However, some of the stitching is pretty poorly done in some parts. It's definitely easy to patch back up though. Good thing this plush isn't very expensive.

Soft & Cuddly!

Amazingly soft, quality product. Best part of it...Made in USA!!!

Bunny was a big hit with my 2 labs who are both around 2 years old.

Both my labs like the sherpa type material toys so this one was a big success! Has washed up great and I air dry it since it has a squeakier inside. Comes out like new every time.

Thick and luxurious

VERY HAPPY with this pillow. Ordered two to use as a cushion to dress up a plain metal chair - like the contrast. The thick and luxurious fur is long with just the right amount of wave. The fur color was quite white - didn't want ivory. Quality is good. Shipped quicker than expected.

Small size Gumby

Very cute. But where is Poky!? I bought the small size for my giant dogs. I've realized that small toys are just as much fun for them and they last just as long.... Or little...and it's half the price. The squeaker got ripped out of Gumby pretty fast, but his body survived. The small one is actually not too small at all, since Gumby is tall and skinny.

Fun and awesome

Inside was firm, and def. of a higher quality of many others that I have purchased in the past

Cashmere lover

I love my cashmere velvetine. It doesn't make my lips peel or anything . I'm just in love my favorite color of all

Awesome fluffy pillow

Awesome fluffy pillow! It's so cute and soft. I ordered for my newborn son and now I will be ordering another for my 4 yr old daughter who loves it as well!