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They LOVE it! They actually complete their work so they ...

I am a teacher and I bought this for my class. They LOVE it! They actually complete their work so they can ask to get it out and play with it and "read" the book. I've read it to the class many times and I love the sweet message about taking care of the planet and being kind to others.

yass queen! plush, beautiful and versatile - just like a throw pillow should be :D

Love it! I put in on my saucer chair and it looks great, fab and fresh! Thanks Oksale, you're better than OK - you're amazing!!! lol

As comfortable as a sofa cushion

I love this little bed! Because dogs will always smell like dogs no matter what amazing shampoo you find, and I have a short haired shedder as well, I have been working on getting my dog to stop jumping onto the sofa to sleep. But, all I had on the floor for him was one of those flat beds with the cushioned ring, no cushioning on the bed part. I had it originally for the sofa, to keep him confined to at least one area of the sofa, but the sofa was still getting dog-smelly. Every time I walked away he was jumping on the sofa, or else would catch him longingly staring at "his" spot on the sofa. So I got this bed to give him a spot next to the sofa that would be as comfortable as the sofa, and I have to tell you that it is working like a charm. The first thing I did was to sit on the cushion with him and cuddle, and to check for myself its comfort level. I can affirm that it is a comfy and springy cushion, and that my dog loves his cushioned bed. He has been using it from the day I put it down on the floor, and has been staying off of the sofa.

Five Stars

Super cute!!! my friend absolutely loves it

Four Stars

Very cute teddy bear and fit the theme of my daughter 's nursery

Nice, soft pads for car seat straps.

My toddler kept complaining about the pads on her car seat belts "hurting" her, though they seemed soft enough to me. But I decided to order these pink-striped pads to wrap around her belts, and they are just the ticket! She loves them and tells me everyday as I strap her into her car seat how soft they are. They seem well put-together, and I have no complaints to date.


bigger than I though! Cute monkey

Perfect rabbit with squeakers. But wouldn't stand up to pulling and tugging.

My dog loves her bunny. The ears do come off easy if you have a kill shaker as I do. So, if you don't mind some sewing then its not a big deal. I love the different squeakers throughout even though she's killed almost all of them but that's just how it goes. I have a chesapeake retriever mix and she's being gentle with thisd thing, so I'd say its not for rough house players. I'm used to doing surgery on her toys frequently so it doesn't bother me. I like how realistic it is, its like a large hare. She loves it, and that's all that matters.

Sturdy and cute

My daughter is oddly obsessed with chickens. She asked for a stuffed one for Christmas, so I went to Amazon of course! They did not disappoint! This is soft, and a good size.

Great product!

We bought this for our three year old daughter for Christmas since she loves all things Mario. This is one of the best purchases that I've ever made. She absolutely adores it! She has played it since Christmas morning and it has held up exceptionally well to my rowdy little girl! We received it super fast and it's excellent quality. No rips, tears, stains and no 'packaged toy smell' when it arrived. Love it!