Reading Wedge For Chair And Bed Large And Small Sizes From King To Queen Suitable For Single Or Twin Bed Velvet Cover Soft Fiber Filler

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The kitty is a nice size and great price

I bought for my husband! He loves it! The kitty is a nice size and great price. I'm buying more for other family members!

Almost perfect

Absolutely darling and was a real hit with my 5 year old granddaughter and all that were at the party. My only complaint is that for the price it could have been packaged better. It came crushed inside of a plastic bag. To give as a gift, it needed to be fluffed up and boxed.

They last pretty well, it doesn't help that she goes through ...

We are on our second one as our dog loves it so much. They last pretty well, it doesn't help that she goes through phases where it is the ONLY toy she plays with. :)

Kids Preferred Flat Blanky, Pat the Bunny

My daughter loved this! I ended up having to order another one so I could wash it! Purchased for a childs 1st Easter (5 months old). Since it had no stuffing it made it easy for the baby to grab and hold on to.

Absolutely adorable

Surprisingly, it fit my phone very well! Only downside is occasionally it's difficult to type on the keyboard because some of it is covered. However, the front facing camera isn't covered, so you could still take photos with friends if you wanted.

My little ones love Nemo and Dory

As described. Colors are vivid. Cute face. My little ones love Nemo and Dory.

Five Stars

My grandkids loved these bears!

Daughter's new best friend

I purchased this caterpillar to replace a teddy bear that my 2 year old had from birth. She was very rough on Teddy, soothing herself by biting its face, eyes and nose. As a result, Teddy didn't last even the full 2 years. We're having a Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday party for her this year, and so I thought this might work for a replacement lovey. The second I put it into her little hands, it was up to her face getting kisses. Then she was making it "eat" everything in sight. She LOVES the new friend, and has not asked for Teddy back. I love how soft it is, and there are no parts that could come off that would pose a choking hazard. It seems very durable and is holding up well against biting, pulling, dragging, and especially hugging!

Love it!

It is super snuggly and soft and i absolutely adore it. It's what I ordered plus it came in a timely manner.

Five Stars

Very fine quality toy