Reading Wedge Pillow Gentle Back Support Cushion Triangular Fiber Fill Many Size Options Soft And Resilient To Release The Back Lumbar

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Absolutely the best toy for heavy, aggressive chewers.

I now own all of the goDog with chew guard in duplicate. This is the first stuffed dog toy that my very heavy chewer has not completely destroyed in less than 5 minutes. She enjoys these and carries them around. She does "desqueak" them on occasion but the remainder of the toy stays intact. I have purchased these for our newest grand puppy as well, she adores them. I will continue to purchase any goDog product in the future and will certainly be giving them away to all my rescued grand puppies for Christmas. 2 Thumbs up.

Five Stars

good song.

Five Stars



I wonder why the seller didn't provide the size of the cushion. If you wanted to know ... here they are ... Thickness 2" F, 2.5" B, 13.5" L, 18.5 W. I have been dealing with lower back issues, caused me unable to sit longer period. This Sitting Cushion is very comfortable, it's perfect for me.

Texan Toy football made of cloth

See video on Amazon.comI have a 2 1/2 month old english bulldog. He loves this toy. We have had the toy for a month now and the stitching has ripped. No cotton has fallen out of yet. My dogs likes to pull the ropes as you can see in the video. he is about 22 lbs and he is a very active bulldog. He plays with the toy about 3+ hours a day. I already feel that I got my money's worth since he has not ate my shoes!

This is a great buy!

My five year old daughter has autism and is non verbal

A great nightlight, but could be improved...

This is great for what it is, but there are 2 improvements I would have been willing to pay a little extra for. 1) Selectable duration - this stays on for approximately 45 minutes. Given that it runs on batteries, it would be nice to have the ability to have it shut off after 15 and 30 minutes, in addition to 45. My daughter is asleep after about 10 minutes so a shorter duration would certainly lead to improved battery life. 2) Ability to plug in to the wall - We've been through 2 sets of batteries so far, and she's had it for about 2 weeks. I ended up buying a decent battery charger and rechargeable AAA batteries. Overall it's great for what it is, and now my son wants one as well! *** Update 3/17/13: The battery life on this item is much much better than I first experienced. I'm not sure why the first couple of sets did not last, but always using fresh batteries (and now rechargeable ones) we are seeing much longer times between battery swaps. My daughter still loves it!

love it !

So cute and soft! He sings at a good tone (not too loud or soft). Very good product! All my kids enjoy it!

Good value cushion covers.

Very good value cushion covers. The zip closure becomes hidden by the fabric, so it is not a problem.


The F rating on the fakespot rating is a lie, this truly is a High quality bear! Can't wait to give it to my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Almost want to keep this for myself.