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I bought this for my daughter for Christmas, along with a unicorn book. She loves her new pillow and it's even perfect for her to cuddle! The fabric is very soft and it's nice and squishy. It seems to be made really well, so hopefully it holds up for a while!

Wow! He gives hugs!!

This bear is so cute, soft, and cuddly. He has long arms that can 'wrap' around you so the hug is mutual. :) The tag on him was from so I assume he can be laundered in a bag which is great. I also use him to place over my ears and eyes in the morning when the sun (or kids) are up but I need a bit more shut eye. Philbin is great. I recommend him to anyone who loves teddy bears.

Wonderful dog toys!

These are such wonderful dog toys and my girl just loves them! The squeaking sound drives her nuts and they can also be used for a "light" game of tug of war. She has 3 different animals now but for some reason she seems to love this one the most.

Five Stars

Was a excellent choice for our grandchild --- Soft and perfect size..

Four Stars

Too sticking cute, got so many compliments.

This is excellent. Our 2 year old mattress already had body ...

This is excellent. Our 2 year old mattress already had body impressions and the warranty company would not give us any gratification. I thought this was worth a try. This is like sleeping in a cloud. I highly recommend this product.

Especially great if you have squirrels or rabbits in your yard.

My dogs watch the squirrels and rabbits in the yard, then find this toy and will kill it several times a day. My dogs are eachbabout 5 pounds and the small one is perfect. My mothers 3 pound dog doesn't care for hers much. I think it's just too big for her.

Five Stars

Great companion tot he various Hungry Caterpillar books

#1 for 1 year old

My daughter (1 year) got her first penguin as a gift and it quickly took over as #1 stuffed animal. She holds the wings and puts the beak in her mouth, hugs and cuddles it. It is perfect for little hands. I bought a second one for back up!

Really cute baby book!!

Really cute baby book!! Just right for a baby!! I put it in with Flappy the Elephant!!