Recliner Pillow Wedge Bed Pillow Wedge Triangular Pillow For Reading In Bed, Sofa Or Couch

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Five Stars

Was purchased as a gift

Good quality

These were shipped so promptly, great customer service. The rattles are soft and adorable.

Five Stars

my girlfriend's daughter loved these as one of her hannukah gifts


This looks adorable in my sons toddler Dino room. So soft and a good size.

Super cute Buffy.

Chicken is super cute!! The only complaint with this is that the legs have wire in them and the wire can poke through the chicken. Because of this I wouldn't recommend this as a toy for a child. I do love my Buffy though. :)


these were cute and fun. kids like the Pokemon ones. good for stuffing Easter eggs

Love that it has no stuffing in it

This is a big hit with the puppies...the moment I got it out of the box they were playing with it. Love that it has no stuffing in it. Even Junior, who isn't usually playful, got into the action. Very happy with it.

He immediately plucked the adorable little chipmunks and gutted them

I have a 5 year old yorkie who requires constant entertainment. I ordered this toy for him thinking it would occupy his little brain, and make him think. Completely forgetting that yorkies were bred to hunt rodents. This toubwas no match for my baby Jake. He immediately plucked the adorable little chipmunks and gutted them. That part was a bit of a horror show, but thats because my dog is an ass. The toy is great, and I would definitely recommend it for someone with abnormal dog.

Well made, I wash them in the machine. Just don't dry the animals or you will melt the squeaker.

These are well made. I have purchased several of them for my two small dogs in different themes. I stuff them with their favorite treats. They play with them even without treats inside. My dogs are 1 1/2 and 2 years old. My two drawbacks to this item is that I think they are a little expensive. The second is that my dogs for some reason have not figured out that if they use their teeth to pull out the stuffed animal inside, they will get to the treats faster. They keep trying even though I have tried to show them, to put their heads inside the holes.

Five Stars

Adorable Bear.